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Full Version: Attack the Block
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Nick Frost has gone from friending aliens to killing them in this new film that is doing the rounds on the film festival circuit at the moment.
Written by Joe Cornish, the film is about a group of kids on a South London estate, who end up have to fight off a horde of aliens.

Trailer is here.

Looks pretty interesting, and fun. Not sure on a release date yet.

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May 13th, according to its imdb page.
Guardian review
Kick in the Head
So, I'm a jammy sod, and I won tickets to the Attack the Block premiere at Leicester Square Vue on Wednesday night. Got suited and booted, walked down the (admittedly teeny) red carpet, and after an intro from Cornballs himself introducing seemingly the entire cast, watched the film, and was mightily impressed.

First things first, it's not really a comedy. There's funny dialogue and a few gags and such, but it's primarily an action/sci-fi/horror/thriller and an incredibly tight and slick one too. The largely unknown cast are mostly excellent, and there are some genuinely tense scenes, all shot with style and confidence, and action sequences that are as thrilling and well-executed as, say, the opening attack in The Host. Unlike Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, it's not about references or sending up familiar horror or action tropes in a 'wouldn't it be funny if Hollywood plots happened in England?', but more a straightforward traditional genre piece. And it's all the better for it. And boy howdy, are the aliens brilliant creations - inventive, unusual and truly otherworldly - and the most impressive mix of in-camera and post-shoot special effects I've seen in ages. Totally bowled over by them and how they completely trounce any CG beastie from any big budget blockbuster.

Overall, it's the most original and entertaining film of its kind since Tremors. Highly recommended.

Anyhoo, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the after-party, and you know, if you're going to go to a premiere and after-party it may as well be one where there are no reality TV contestants and no-name slebs, just people you admire and respect all having a great friendly time. Shoulder-rubbing name dropping begins! Joe Cornish, Adam Buxton, Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright, Louis Theroux, Jon Ronson, Tim Key, Nick Mohammed, Riz Ahmed, Anthony Head, Basement Jaxx, Peter Serafinowicz, Jonathan Ross, Mark Strong...and of course the wonderful cast! The principal kids all had a bust-a-move dance-off and then an incredible rap battle, and the funky band played lots of great music, and it was free food and booze and I was up very late on a school night.

Anyway, make sure you see it, it's a great film, maybe not earth-shattering or groundbreaking, but I was very very impressed.
Well, I'm more than a bit jealous. Really looking forward to seeing it.
I've been really unimpressed with everything I've seen of it so far so you've made me reconsider seeing it now.
To celebrate the release of the film this week, Nick and Joe will be doing a signing at the Forbidden Planet store in London on Thursday 12 May between 5.30pm and 6.00pm.

Check out the Forbidden Planet website for more details.
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