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Full Version: Shaun Of The Dead Preview
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Next tuesday 6/4/04 there is a preview of Shaun of the Dead taking place at the Prince Charles cinema in Soho

this is part of their super tuesday program. Tuesdays takes the form of a zombie extravaganza called Day of the Undead

It starts at 2.00pm with Braindead, followed by Night of the Living Dead at 4.00 (the Romero version, not the 90s Tom Savini re make)

then at 6.30 a preview of Shaun of the Dead, with a Q&A session by Edgar Wright.
To finish off the night is 28 Day Later at 9.00pm (finishing 11ish)

What better way to spend a tuesday.

Tickets are still available costing 5.25 each (I think)

this is the only preview apart from the sold out one at the ICA which Edgar will be attending.

This would be a better way of getting questions answered after yesterday nightmare that was Empire Online

Hope to see many forum members there
Simon Robinson
Edgar Wright
Not to put the dampers on things - but Tuesday's Q&A at the Prince Charles is definitely TBC I'm afraid. I didn't actually know it was happening until I was flicking through Time Out myself.

However, me and Simon will do our darndest to be there, schedules very much permitting.

We will definitely be at this Saturday's ICA double bill of John Landis' 'American Werewolf In London' and 'Shaun Of The Dead' (Sat 3rd April - 6-45pm). Technically it's sold out - but...

I have 5 pairs of tickets for the screening for you lucky people - if you can solve this riddle.

The ICA in Pall Mall is seconds away from Trafalgar Square, which features memorably in Landis' film. In this scene, the soon-to-be lycanthrope Jack (David Naughton) tries to get himself arrested by an British bobby by letting forth a bunch of outrageous remarks. One of these is an eerily prophetic slur against our future king. What is it????

First five people to e-mail


- will get tix to Saturday's mash up.

Good luck and make sure you leave all your details with your answer.

See you there...

Sent the answer. But i think you've got the name wrong, its David that says it. I got reply back from your assistant, but i can't be in london this weekend. Good luck peeps biggrin.gif
Edgar Wright
Quite right - in my rush to make these tickets available - I did not check my question back, it is indeed David Kessler and not the doomed Jack. This means - if you are a lucky winner - I will personally buy you a tub of icecream.


p.s. I also wrote 'an British bobby' - but let's gloss over that one.
I did it last night and heard nought so don't think I won sad.gif

Oh well I'll just have to wait to release day like other mere mortals
Yeah, I did it this morning. I assume I was too late though (sob).
Never mind eh.
Still, ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!
So, anyone else been successful?
yeah my sister, but i'm going to try and go for her, as i sent the answer 30min before she did.
Eeeyyyyy!!!!! cool.gif

What a perect end to a jolly good day - checked my answer phone messages
when I got in this evening, and heard that I had been successful....

Much smiling of smiles ensued as I danced a jiggy dance round the flat. biggrin.gif

Just need a buddy to tag along with now.....

Roll on Saturday.
did i mention i love you and want to have your children?
got them to change the name on the guest list to mine yay, shame its only one ticket though.
I won! Yay! On the same day I got a new job too! biggrin.gif

One ticket? You sure? Edgar said: "I have 5 pairs of tickets for the screening for you lucky people"
I can't help but blame my non winning on the internet connection not working :/
QUOTE (lewismoo @ Apr 2 2004, 09:19 AM)
did i mention i love you and want to have your children?

Aww, that's sweet. happy.gif

But you can't have my children, they're mine, I tells you, MINE! mad.gif biggrin.gif


Hmm, s'pose I better just double check with them and make sure that it DOES mean TWO tickets, not just one.
Would hate to drag my friend all the way to London, only to leave them outside... ohmy.gif
if they say it means two can you post it cos i'm having trouble getting through to them
Sure, if I get a reply from the answer phone message
I just left, I will post a confirmation immediately.
It's two. I emailed them this morning.

"Yep It's a pair of tickets," was their response.
Top Banana. I thought that must have been the case, but doesn't hurt to be sure... biggrin.gif
You're going to love it, I'm going to see it again, (and pay for it this time), as soon as I get back from my holiday. Plus I've got a soundtrack and an issue of 2000ad to buy as soon as I step off the plane.
Any news on whether Simon and Edgar are going to attend the preview of SOTD on Tuesday in Soho???

I've got two tickets, and i'm pondering on whether to take my girlfriend or my best mate!

My mate would never forgive me if i went and there turned out to be a Q&A Session after the movie! :/
Just this minute got back from the American Werewolf/Shaun double bill.
Many, many thanks to Edgar for the ticket opportunity, it was a great evening!

Top films both, but more to the point, SOTD is awesome - y'all are gonna love it!!!!
There are just so, so, SO many references in it, I lost count. That said, for those
not familiar with Spaced, not knowing all the 'in-jokes' will not make too much
difference, as for the most part, they work admirably as standalone gags -
I took a non-Spaced-conversant buddy along, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.
"That was cool", I believe his words were.

The soundtrack too was great, both the songs and the creepy score (which works
brilliantly as the story unfolds), I sense an unavoidable investment on April 12th!
And I can honestly say that I have not laughed so hard and so frequently at a
comedy film in I don't know how long! Mr Pegg & Mr Wright have a sure-fire
success on their hands during the coming weeks, that's for sure...

I even managed to speak very briefly with Simon and Edgar just beforehand,
and jolly nice chaps they were too, yay! I think I called Simon 'Sir', as well...
though I managed to avoid saying "youchangedmylife!" happy.gif

Thanks for a terrific film, guys - looking forward to April 9th. Again, again! biggrin.gif
Last night was great i just wondered what everyone else thought
Merged mullet's new thread with this one as they're both on the same subject.
yeah i chatted to edgar briefly, hes a very nice guy and we talked about zombie films. Got my interview with him this week.

Also spoke to Chris Cunningham (aphex twin windowlicker video director) who is a big fan of an american werewolf, he told me he is working on a horror feature film this year. should rock
I spoke to no-one, except the friend I took, but then again I actually know her, so that made sense. Just remembered, also spoke to a few of the ICA staff, and one of the bar workers. They seemed really nice and didn't mind me talking to them at all, apart from the barman, but he was a bit busy so he only had time to say "that'll be 1.50 please". 1.50 for a bottle of water, although it was in a funny shaped bottle.
Smart Arse Butler
I talked to the friends I took. They were really, really nice people. Thats not surprising however, as I knew them. Some people did try to talk to me, but I didn't know them, so I didn't talk back.

Moral of this tale - don't talk to strangers, they'll probably want to touch you in places that don't feel right.
Christ on a Bike,
Where can i watch the film when it comes out? My local cinemas are crap and would rather show Scooby Doo(nt) 2. mad.gif
I live near Wigan/Warrington for my sins if anyone has any ideas.

Cheers Me Dears. :wabbit:
No time to post properly now, but I just had to add: what an absolutely fantastic movie! I haven't laughed so hard at a movie in *years*! When's the DVD coming out? wink.gif
QUOTE (antikewl @ Apr 4 2004, 08:09 PM)
No time to post properly now, but I just had to add: what an absolutely fantastic movie! I haven't laughed so hard at a movie in *years*! When's the DVD coming out? wink.gif

There hoping halloween
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