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There's tons of quotable stuff in Spaced but what's your favorite/most used line??

Mine are :

Thanks for coming it's been really useful
Get off me you bummer!
and of course : I can't believe some of the shit I used to do with you!!
'Don't cheapen this'
'Hee hee hee hee hee thrush'
'You can't drink a pint of bovril'
'Timmy, get me my tools'
purely for the tone of voice. hehe
"Their Robot"
"i ll have a half.."
"why dont you piss off back to romford where you belong?"
"what a prick!"

fried gold......
Oh my God! I've got some fucking Jaffa cakes in my coat pocket!

Cock locked, ready to rock!

"Skip to the end..."

Oldie but goodie.

I'm finding 'its not finish. Its finish' keeps creeping in these days. And the whole 'you weren't there at the beginning' speech, of course.
Little Birdy
I love the whole 'going next door as a euphemism for being dead' segment.

Also, I swear Simon & Jessica have ruined my life because I find myself quoting Spaced now without thinking. If someone asks me what I think of something it's always: "I like them, I think they're good."

I also really like:

"Are you ready Mike?"
"I was born ready Timmy!"
"Yeah, but are you ready now?"
"Uh... yeah."

There's so many brilliant quotes in Spaced though, no doubt I'll think of more as soon as I've finished this post. "Aw, I hadn't thawt a dat!" See - Simon & Jess make me look like a fool. So does Reece Shearsmith. If I ever meet him I'll kick him in the balls. Ok, I wouldn't do that, but I'd probably glare at him or something. tongue.gif
Me and my dawg

Timmy fetch me my tools.

A yah, i hadn't tought of that

A1 tip top

ave a banana

Oh mama

I'll think of some more later, no, thats not a quote. wacko.gif Eep.
i agree ive quoted spaced at least 5 times at Vith form today, mostly to spaced virgins.

ooh the regrets....
london, londinium...
shot the cat up the arsehole
this is madness, it'll never work!
evianos tormente - got to be the most frequent, ok whenever the weathers crap.
My A1 tiptop quote at the moment simply has to be: "You Lucky People!"

I just love saying it, accent and all. It never fails to cheer me up. biggrin.gif
hows about when u say to someone "ooh i got a bottle left over from yesterday" - "what was yesterday" - "er, sunday"

marsha quotes are great, even the "i love it when a plan comes together" is better in the guise of marsha than hannibal!

"oh brian you came", "er, no i spilt my drink".

at my mums wedding my grandpa was making a speech and me and my cousin both said simultaneously " skip to the end".

synchronized spaced quotes are the first symptom of an early death.
"Have a bannana"

"Hay Derick Babaylon 5 is a big pile of shit!"

"You fucking plumb"

and my fav'

"Looks like it's just you and me then Brian"
"cocked locked and ready to rock" love that line
No, you need the A, B form. Just over there, on the stands.

I've used this one in the past couple of days.

You Lando . . .
Wow, this is tough. Off the top of my head:
"Timmy...fetch me my tools"

And because my name is Derek:
"Derek...Babylon 5's a big pile of shit"

I thought it was an aB form lol

Anyway, you can't beat...

"Hello Brain"

Or and

"Where is she Brain, Brain isn't on the doorbell! WHERE IS SHE!!...What...Pubbb"
"A yah, i hadn't tought of dat"

Without a doubt!

I pissed myself when I saw that!

But thats a different problem!
You..., you fucking plum!!
M: "I fell asleep on the tube..."

T: "Where are you now?"

M: "err... Sheffield"

T: "the tube doesnt go to sheffield, mike"

M: "yeah, I must have changed at kings cross"
"Right i'm off..Mike's cooking beans then we gonna polish is gun's and watch the A-Team..bye"
I have just been sharing some Mashaisms with my son (he's 13, I think there should be some kind of protection laws) and we have come up with a few of our favs

'She'll be fine. Shes got 2 languages and a dutch cap.'?
'The fruit of my loins has fucked off to topshop with the housekeeping'.

And we always shout 'Ayeee' everytime a bottle is opened in this house.
Lazlo Woodbine
"Too orangey for crows"
"You can't shoot straight you big titted bitch"

Tim and Brian have some great conversations...
"So are you gonna go?"
"i dunno, haven't seen her for ages"
"no, are you gonna go?"


"so did it work then?"
"no, it made me wanna drown things"

i could go on quoting virtually the entire script of both series but you may as well just watch them all again instead.
Lazlo Woodbine
i forgot to mention one of my favourites...

"yeah, well it might if you go to asia"
skip 2 the end
"I'm off for a shower, a shit and a shave."

" 'That's nice that is, the last time I seen you, you said you wished I was your da, and you hugged me through the entire acid twinking funk mix of (----). And now you want me to do a favour for year?!'

'Um, yeah'

'OK' "

" 'Tim! We're not calling her Luke!''

'Alright!' "
I apoligise if this is not accurate...

"So it wasn't so much an eskimo roll, it was rather a case of rolling right inuit!"
*silent pause*
"...Inuit's another word for eskimo!"

I don't know why, but that is my all time favourite quote smile.gif
"Jar-Jar makes the Ewoks look like fucking Shaft!"

When I first heard that, I was in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. biggrin.gif

EDIT: I just remembered, I'm also starting to use Marsha's "Hullooo" often, without realising it.

Well, I guess that's how it would be spelled. You know, the 'victory cry' that Tim and Mike so often do.
Oh, or maybe the "Whayadoin?" that Simon swiped from Bill Bailey's routine (and which I now swiped from Simon). smile.gif
The irritated "Alright's that pop up all through the series.

And the whole "letter explaining why she dumped me" speech is especially handy to spout off.

Oh and "pudding..."

Man, there is just too many!
Brian: "Can I borrow a teabag?"
Tim: "Only if you bring it back."
Brian: "What?"
Tim: "You can have a teabag Brian you can't borrow one."
Brian: "Oh.."
Tim: "... You've got some paint on you."
Brian: "It's a literal tribute to the reflexivity of Rembrandt."
Tim: "Did he like it?"
Brian: "No, he's dead."
Tim: "Bloody hell that really backfired didn't it"
Little Birdy
"How sexy am I?"

Very. cool.gif
"Chuck ya boyfreind, have a sandwich"
"Oh brian you came"-"Oh no, just spilled my drink"
"Babylon 5's a big pile of shit""GET OUT!""Whey!"
"You have a little sister called Katie who once used you batman comics to cover her, cardboard car. Unable to salvage the comics, you drove the car into the pond, hitting your head on the concrete fountain which is where you got your, scar"
"Fetch me my tools"
"Jar jar binks makes the ewoks look like fcuking sharft!"
"Ive got some fucking jaffacakes in my coat pocket"
I just love all of the meaningless shit that Vulva and Hoover say.

and "Jar jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like fucking shaft!" always gets me laugh.gif
Little Birdy
I just love all of the meaningless shit that Vulva and Hoover say.

"Suck it in... filter it out!" laugh.gif

"Do you know any famous or important people?" and "I 'ate your Mum, and I 'ate you." Two quotes I've been dying to use in everyday conversation but have always chickened out of at the last minute...

I also love the way Tim says "a crossbow?" when he Daisy and Bilbo are in Fantasy Bazaar. Simon Pegg's tone is fried gold! Not to mention the whole 'ex boyfriend' thing. See - even Bilbo thinks Tim is gay! laugh.gif

Twist: I need you to see me as a whole!

Brian: I do!

Twist: A whole Brian, with a 'w'!

And the Ewoks bit, of course.

There's also something weird but ace about the way Bilbo says

"The Phantom Menace was eighteen months ago Tim!"
Little Birdy
"The Phantom Menace was eighteen months ago Tim!"

It's Bill Bailey's sexy voice! cool.gif
Hey folks, kinda new here. So Hi. And also, I feel the need to contribute:

Tim: "Now, I don't care if you saved up all your fifty p's. Take your pocket money, and GET OUT!!"

*Small child runs out of shop, sobbing hysterically*

Tim: "Pfft. What a prick."

Daisy: "... we ate our bodyweight in Twiglets and you punched an artist in the face."
Tim: "Shit!" *looks worried. A moment passes* "I'm not supposed to have Twiglets."
Daisy: "Why not?"
Tim: "They make me violent."

That line gets me every everytime. Best. Quote. Ever.
QUOTE ( Mike )
"Tim's just really upset beacuse you jepordised his future"

It was something like that. I can't check as I've left my spaced DVDs at my friends house ! sad.gif
... also
QUOTE ( Brian and Tim )
Brian - What's that?
Tim - Tomb Raider 3
Brian - She's drowning. Is that the point of the game?
Tim - Depends how you're feeling really
"You know what they say about Love and War"

"Yeah, one involves a lot of phyiscal and psychological pain, and the other one's War.
Classic Dwayne Bensey! (Not sure if it's been mentioned)

Paintball Scene - Bisley and Bensey: FIGHT!

*Dwayne's mobile phone rings when he's about to sneak up on Tim*

Dwayne: Saved by the bell.
Tim: Aren't you gonna answer that?
Dwayne: I've got an answering service.
Tim: You've got an answer for everything.
Dwayne: I can't believe you just said that!

Always makes me laugh. Oh and:

Daisy: I knew I should've bought 'Big Fat Cocks'...


I'm new by the way. So, hello!
Hiiiiiiiii and just for you

"Now for the Battle-Royal, Private Iron Vs War Bastard......ACTIVATE!"


Class! And thanks.

Daisy: What does tfu stand for?
Tim: 'The Fuckest Uppest'

I wub.gif Spaced.

"Welcome to Robot Club the 1st rule is you do not talk about Robot Club The second rule is You do not talk abo.....Hold on i got that wrong.... the second rule is No Smonking"

Tim Why you not aloud to smoke?
Mike Not pose to talk about it
Tim Alrittte
Blind I/O

Is the good shit.

"South African reefer-style spliff-doobie"

wooh mamma

"Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that"
Tough one, too many to pick, so little space....... top 3 right now, as it constantly changes

1 - Timmy, fetch me my tools

2 - You can't drink a pint of Bovril

3- This, is the good shit, woooooooooh mama!
Thought of some more...

"This is SHIT, this is sooo SHIT!"

"Oh shitting shit it!"

"I'm just, I'm really confoosed"

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Timmy fetch me my tools

And I shot the cat up it's asre
"Get off me you joey"

just made me laugh cos "joey" was used when i was at kiddy school lol
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