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Full Version: BAFTA Nominations for Shaun
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Great news is that Shaun of the Dead has picked up two nominations for this year's BAFTA awards. First being The Alexander Korda Award for the Outstanding British Film of the Year. The second nomination is The Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a British Director/Producer or Writer in thier First Feature Film. Competition is tough in both categories but Spaced-Out would like to wish everyone the best of luck. The Awards will be hosted for the fifth time by Stephen Fry and will take place on Saturday 12th February. Full list of nominations can be found HERE
Was Simon sitting right behind Keanu Reeves, or was that my imagination?
im not sure it looked like him
How do you put images on screen like the SOTD one?
Stella MM
Have a look at this thread in the Forum Help section.
Thine eyes didn't deceive; 'twas Him.

Must say watching it I was surprised by the amount he appeared..unintentionally mind...always behind Mr Cash-in-Keanu ( least he didn't do a Ms Barton and plug her already famous show....I'm expereincing the best the NHs has to offer in way of reconstructive surgery after hitting the screen with my face...)

....maybe a Spaced fan was manning the VT board....

Dir: So, while Helen Mirren is blabbing on, who shall we cut to?
Editer/Spaced Fan/: How about...Keanu?...or the row behind with the old guy with long flowing white locks 3 seats in......
Dir: I was thinking Cate Blanchett's needle marks but that sounds good...

Would have liked to have heard the Fry-Intro to his (SP's) piece presenting "Best Squirrel Stunt" that was cropped at the end

Stephen Fry: And please welcome a beautiful young lady, who flies planes and has obsessive compulsive disorder, and a british comic...with Child Ears and wings.

I must say the delivery of the awards left me hankering after more suspensful Who Wants To Be a Millionaire delivery. If you remember its the one which last as long as as it takes to reheat your fish and chips when you get back home (~5 minutes)
Anyway, it certianly shot down that last little gap you relish before finding out you lost to the 10 year old who could cry on cue and has a way with monologues involving ghosts OR his alcoholic Mum

(Oh and Gillian Anderson....i suppose there might have been a stirring from the row behind Keanu..whether it was of passion or "...for another 5 seasons?! Sellout!! Shark Jumper!!!)

PS In keeping iwth the Orange theme they should have had Jaffa Cakes in the little sub-Oscar-goody-bag(TM Britain)

PPS With the slightly OTT (ie every intro) reference to planes I was slightly unsurprised (like when I discovered my Mum is evil and plotting my downfall) when the Aviator/Every-annoying-oscar-baiting-biopic-film-model-ever won.
It was about as subtle as Britney hinting of her life of sex and drugs to come way back in her very first single.
eg"Hit me baby one more time"...foretelling her 4th marriage battering at the hands of her beau Will Farrell?!)
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