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Been trying to get a band started with a few mates (they are waiting on me getting my finger out and getting a drum kit!) and we were talking about band names, just wondering if anyone here had come up with any of their own cool/funny band names.......i wont nick them.......honest rolleyes.gif

A funy way i heard of making up a name is you pick one of your cd's at random, take one of the words from the album title, then do the same with another one (obviously you can stick small words on like 'the' and 'of'!) and see what you have left!

A few names we thought of (have no idea of they have already been taken!)


Goblin King (idea from labyrinth!)

Dirty Beaver


If im doing the cd thingy....hang on a sec.....

Bad Wretch

Rock Nation

Dopethrone art

hehe pretty cool, give it a go!
Starscream`s Ghost
I`m betting all of those bands have been on John Peel`s Evening Sessions, at some point.
Stella MM
* Ten Flavours of Dog

* Badgerspank

* The All-Encompassing Nil

All devised last weekend at All Tomorrow's Parties which was filled with slightly wanky bands with similar names.
Starscream`s Ghost



This reminds me of Jo Whiley in "Rock Profiles".
what do people think of zombalien? I cant work out of it sounds good coz its a made up word woth a nice ring to it or if it sounds shit because we blatently just bodged the words zombie and alien together!
Kick in the Head
I love all the band names from the Adam and Joe Show and Book, like Fointy Pinger, Neosonique, Cold Blue Fachunka, etc.

If you're lookin for a 70s soul funk combo, Handsome Chocolate sounds appealing.
If I had a band, I'd name it "Throagh of Peril," after this.
If I had a band, I'd name it "Throagh of Peril," after this.

hehehe, cool!Was the saiyan in it for my benefit ir just something you stumbled upon?
Oh, I'd seen it a number of times, over the years, and always liked that line. But, yes, I did figure you'd appreciate the Saiyan. wink.gif
Jello Biafra did a names for bands thing on his No More Cocoons record. The only one that sticks in my mind from it is

Bono's Charred Remains

My personal favourites are


Fantastic Planet


Though the last 2 have been used.
I like
QUOTE (Stella MM @ Mar 3 2005, 03:47 PM)
* Badgerspank

I can't stop saying it.
Starscream`s Ghost
QUOTE (fear_of_pop @ Mar 3 2005, 05:18 PM)
I like


I can't stop saying it.

I know someone who can`t stop doing it. Hence why they`re in Broadmoor.
My old band was called Mordent Evisceration....ballads mostly.

Be we used to be called Clitoris Allsorts, T*WAT (in honour of D*Ream) and briefly Anal Phlegm.
i was in the same situation last year, and i really loved 'pigspindle'. the band went with 'bleak street', and i left shortly afterwards.

gotta love badgerspank though
For some reason I have "Kung Fu Jelly Rats" On a loop in my brain.

My friends' Year 13 Band was Terry Wogan And The Sweetpeas-T.W.A.T.S for short. biggrin.gif
The No-Hopers
Arthur's Mango Troupe
sarcastic frog troup wacko.gif
I give you:

The FizzyBixers!

(rhymes with, er, Nixon supporters....and NOT "Bikers" as someone replied. I hunted them down Jay and Silent Bob style for THAT little misdemeaner!)
In me & my friends dabblings with forming a band 2 suggestions I made were

The Rough Yetis
The Well Adjusted Teenagers (T.W.A.T.)
My friends and I like to make up emo band names and songs just because we think the current scene of mainstream American "rock" (note the quotations) music is ridiculous.

_ Homeless Norwegian Mountainmen.
_ Slit Wrists of Sorrow.
_ Bleeding Heart of Sorrow.
_ Streams of Blood and Sorrow.
_ (Insert dramatic word) of Sorrow.

Just a sample. We come up with more every lunchtime.
Broken Condom

"Man this Broken Condom is awesome!"

Penis Hoopla

Varicose Bingo

All of which came up in conversation.
This name is already in use but it might spark something so here is:

Two faviourites of mine are:

I defy nothing.


Women Who Love Men Who Take Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To
Jon 79
The Big Knuckled Monsters

Suitably smoooth.


It Came From Beneath The Disco!

Land of the Queues


Justifiably dumb

Flashy White Lights

Void ...(of all musical talent)
violent underpants ohmy.gif
QUOTE (Celticstar @ Mar 4 2005, 09:36 PM)
violent underpants ohmy.gif

ahhh, reminds me of the velvet underpants. hilarious. a bunch of lou reed wannabees watching an insane scotsman in a wedding dress.

a friend of mine had a band called 'the haemarroidal nuns'
Hoover Attachment
How about Pam Bachelors fave band "The Bensons".
Frank Shank's Crank Bank
I cant remeber the name of his band but one of my mums friends had a band with a song called frottage cheese!And one about junkies with the line:
'Junkies, they needle the help they can get' !
Jon 79
God's 3rd Leg! ... oh no, that one's been done already.
Disaster area? .... no... err... Spinal Tap. .... hmm, also sounds familiar.
Colostomy Explosion? ...

I know,... just take 2 random words & put them together...
Like Aerosmith!

... Dairymilkjones!!! biggrin.gif
Fuck Off and the Screw Yous
....i was only asking a question........!
Svein and the Flaming Trebuchets of Doom

Fag Smoking Monkeybutt

Ethel the Aardvaak

Mysguided Martyr


Eros Rising

(The last 4 are all bands that I have been in)
ethel the aardvark?!!What did they play??!!

iris and here cataracts
Best name is obviously Flu-z, which also happens to be my one man experimental band. <caugh> <caugh>
QUOTE (SuperSaiyanStoner @ Mar 5 2005, 07:46 AM)
I cant remeber the name of his band but one of my mums friends had a band with a song called frottage cheese!And one about junkies with the line:
'Junkies, they needle the help they can get' !

Cowboy Junkies, damn taken
How about cheap vagrants, or De-capS, or Dead Willy?
QUOTE (SuperSaiyanStoner @ Mar 7 2005, 11:55 AM)
ethel the aardvark?!!What did they play??!!

Punkish Glam Rock
i once played in a band called Fetus Explosion. We were very punk.
The Phantom
The Sticky Back Spastics.

Think they are actually a band but it made me chuckle.
A friend of mine toyed with the name Stiletto Gas Pedal for a while... I thought it was brilliant.
(Anyone remember the classic gas pedal wrestling move from when you were 5 and your boy neighbours were pissing you off?)
And I think my dad was in a band once called Premarital Six, there were 4 of them of course.
So I suppose none of these are from my own head...
QUOTE (The Phantom @ Mar 11 2005, 04:22 PM)
The Sticky Back Spastics.


Kind of makes me want to suggest: The Joey Deacons.
The Phantom
QUOTE (Ade @ Mar 13 2005, 02:53 PM)

Kind of makes me want to suggest: The Joey Deacons.

for that suggestion you get yourself a Blue Peter badge. wink.gif
At long last, after all these years!
He he. I'm writing a book about made up bands so i've had to come up with names

Here's some:
The Prozac Analysis
Holiday slide show (all their songs are about holiday experiences, typical title "Peruvian Lovechild")
The Chemical Stoneworks Band whose lead singer, Loughborough Van Sant was sacked whilst on a three month holiday to Thailand where he became a buddhist and returned to music as a solo artist under the name Hubba Buddha

You should check out the Bootle SS through the link below who are another completely genuine 100% no made up shit maximum for real band and everything. Honest.
Chris Morris came up with some of the best bogus band names I've ever heard,
which were expertly read out by the legendary Michael Alexander St. John on
Morris' Radio 1 Music Shows in 1994, and ocassionally in Blue Jam in 1997....

Some classic examples :

"And so to the top ten cocky slivers pruning the bum-fluff in the nation's spaz-garage"

- P-Rinse- Mr Half Inch Nitrogen
- Dennis Helium
- Gunproof Grandad
- Oestrogen Blabdaddy
- MC Tricycle
- The Playtex Chin
- The Happy Noodle Triplet

"There is no Number 4."

- Chronic Dust Bowl
- The Current Size Of India
- Onyx Bop Loops
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