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Full Version: Bits you could watch again, and again, and again
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QUOTE (pudmaster3000 @ Mar 9 2005, 02:22 PM)
I'm new to this but, i could watch the 'gunfight' in the street with tim and daisy
against the boys over and over again. Pure brilliance!


i do not find it hard to watch any of it repeatedly though it all cracks me up

oh and another ofr me

"its not a bedsit...................... its a flat, pow"

i have re-enacted that moment many a time
Tim and Mike standing on top of a car beating it with a stick biggrin.gif
I'm a newbie but saw this thread and needed to reply:

The noise Tim makes while crying in the cafe

The whole paint-balling scene and Mike's 'death' is just awesome


Mike: I fell asleep on the tube...

Tim: where are you now?

Mike: err... Sheffield

Tim: the tube doesnt go to Sheffield, Mike

Mike: yeh, I must have changed at Kings Cross

yay i quit my job today so i can finally watch spaced again and again and again again now! if that makes sense wacko.gif laugh.gif
Timothy Bisley
QUOTE (ally @ Jul 11 2005, 02:37 PM)
yay i quit my job today so i can finally watch spaced again and again and again again now! if that makes sense  wacko.gif  laugh.gif

Wow, master Spaced fan.

Anywayz, back on subject. I love watching the whole mens intuition thing from Episode 2.5.

"Shall we show him Tim"
"Now now Mike"
(slow-mo)"Oh shit!"

ANY scene with Colin in the back pack.. i.e when he is being rescued or at the train station...

so funny... biggrin.gif

I also like the scene when they had a fight with the cake and the guy on the piano started playing the music from Bugsy Malone... I pissed myself with laughter on that one as I always wanted to be Tallulah as a kid... *cough* now *cough*
I disscussion between Tim and Mike in episdoe 6 series 2.

"What do we have that has wheels, and is slightly faster then walking?"
"You've got to be fucking kidding?!"

Sean of the Dead
Mike running around a tree hyped on speed : Spaced 1.2 ... I think.
QUOTE (ally @ Jun 24 2005, 03:19 PM)
er don't you mean 5 yrs, 8 months and 3 days ???!!!

only one of the major quotes to get wrong!  tongue.gif  can't believe no one else spotted it!

It's "two days ago" as well. I'm such a loser... sad.gif
The paintballing from series 1, and Tim's "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" get's me smiling eeeevry time.
Sean of the Dead
I liked the fight between the crew at the bedsit (sorry, flat) in 2.5 a lot, so much so, I have actually tried to recreate it with my mates. Problem is they've never seen it before.
duane getting shot in the balls with the paintball gun. something i wouldn't mind doing to the dickwad who stole my girlfriend. mad.gif
also the whole scene about tim's fear of dogs and bamboo. that was great.
hmm...when tim sees vulva as a zombie attacking brian and knocks him out and is like "come on! there's no reason for us to stay here any longer than neccessary! let's split up and search for survivors!"
and the whole father christmas thing when tim knocks on brian's door was funny.
and for some reason, one of my favorite scenes out of every episode is the opening to series 2 episode 7. when it shows all the characters around the apartment. it's just one of those scenes that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. but it's kinda sad as well, since it's the last episode so far it's kinda like you're seeing all your friends for the last time. sad.gif still good though.
anyway, if i think of any more, i'll post them.
Whilst watching episode 2.5 last night on Paramount, I was reminded of the exchange that truly won me over to absolutely loving the series (i'd liked it before but this was the bit that really got me)

Tim: I can't believe she's sleeping with her boss!
Daisy: What?!
Tim : This is how it starts! It's..excuses! Sorry I've got to work late, or I've gotta talk to the New York office and their five hours behind! Oh I can't come over because I've had ever such a long day! It's me and Sarah (Mike stands up) It's Milly and Egg! It's textbook (Mike slaps Tim). What was that for?
Mike: You said that if you ever suffered emotional paranoia as a reult of your break-up with Sarah then I should slap you round the face.
Tim: Yes I did say that Mike, thank you very much.

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Episode 2.2 in it's entirety

Bilbo Bagshot: Will you come back?
Tim Bisley: I'm already there.
Bilbo Bagshot: [alarmed] What?
Tim Bisley: I mean I'll come back.
Bilbo Bagshot: [relieved] Oh, right. You frightened me for a moment there.
Daisy Steiner
I could watch

4th episode "Battle" on series 1, the one where Mike and tim go paintballing and Daisy gets Colin laugh.gif

I Also love the clubbing episode aswell, Tyres is insane wacko.gif
Daisy Steiner
Daisy: Oh hi Mike. Yeah, he's here, I'll just get him.
[to Tim]
Daisy: It's your boyfriend.
Tim: He's not my boyfriend.
[picks up phone]
Tim: Hi babe.

hehe laugh.gif
Blind I/O
Fancy posting the other bits here (or in the quote thread) and taking em out of your monster sig?
Duane Benzie
There is so much i love the program i dunno where 2 start.

My fave part probably is where Tim won't sell the Jar Jar Binks toy to the kid but when he gets sacked he runs from the store the same way as the kid... hilarious
Duane Benzie
Another quote i love from spaced is with tyres in series 1.

"Gonna go home, have a shit, a shower and a shave"

Brilliant lolol
EVERYBODY has to love the bit where tims got brian over to watch star wars and the conversation goes a little something like this:

Brian: That's chaos theory. The belief that the future is in fact a mathematically predictable preordained system.
Daisy: So somewhere out there in the vastness of the unknown there's an... equation for predicting the future?
Brian: An equation so complex as to utterly defy possibility of comprehension by even the most brilliant human mind, but an equation nonetheless.
Tim: Oh my god...
Brian: What?
Daisy: What?
Tim: I've got some Fucking Jaffa Cakes in my coat pocket! Wooh!Yeah! Oh mommy, oh daddy etc...

and the bit in the same episode where tim takes colin for a walk and he comes back and says
Colins been abducted!
Daisy: Abducted?!
Tim: Yeah by a crocodile or something.

hehe and the bit in the first episode where tim brings brian up!

Daisy: Do you rent downstairs?
Brian: You mean am I gay?
Daisy: WHAT?
Brian: You mean am I gay?
Daisy: No, I meant "Do you rent the downstairs flat?"
Brian: Oh. Yep, sort of.
Tim: Are you gay?
Brian: Hmm?
Tim: Are you gay?
Brian: No...

hehehe i could go on and on really but i shant. ahh, spaced... smile.gif
Duane Benzie
i like it when brian goes to talk to his old transexual friend, aka david walliams, after seeing his art show:

David Walliams: oh Brian, u came!

Brian: No I just... spilt my drink
Blind I/O
Vulva or Mark Heap... We must stop this actor/character mismatch madness...
Duane Benzie
soz couldn't remember vulva's name, knew it began with a V
i have a few favourites (like the gun fight scene) but my favourite (that i can remember) is when tim and his girlfreind (i think her name was sophie) are out in the town and then mike suddenly appears behind tim they talk about the good times which cues a scene of them smashing up a car with some wood or something then when tims asked what he does with here it cues a scene of the exact same thing but without mike.
oh and that cyclist guy ''oh shit hes gone disco again''.
Disillusioned Youth
I like the gunfight scene too. The knife noise never fails to make me laugh. I dunno why but i really like the tequila slammers sequence. It's strange but funny.
I could just rewatch spaced any for all of it, but just for the whole of the pulp fiction homage is perfect...oranges are not the only fruit indeed
the bit where mike is trying to get back into the TA

"butterfly......butterfly witha bomb"
when he throws the knofe at him and mikes giggles and says nice,...his expression when they say 'welcome back mike' its classic!

When bilbo offers Tim a twiglett and he says 'oh better not'

Then theres the 'you did you fucking plum' bit in the robot wars episode i love tims face when he cant think of a word and comes out with plum.

entire paintball scene where mike dies.

AND you gotta love the bit when they get brian to take part in the invisible gun match BRILLIANT JUST BRILLINT. (note the daisy so geeky!!)

ahh stuff it...i watch the whole thing over and over and over and even watching it now!! laugh.gif

ahh happy daiz huh.gif

tim 'daisy could you tell mike that i need him'

daisy ' erm mike tim wants you'
mike' wants me or needs me? '

daisy ' erm needs you'

mike' right...ladies' *leaves the room*


and when twist and brian go to the white paintings instillation and he askes her to come to see the fecal matter exhibition the way she says 'oh fecal..lovely' lol didnt expect it..

im sad i know

i love addicted maybe i should get help. ???
is it a bad thing? wacko.gif
Has to be the gunfight scene. It's fantastically bizarre yet strangely believable.
Tim visiting Brian, post dumpage.

"Why?! Why?!!!! This was new!"

Oh, and Tires' first appearance in Spaced.
Tyres dancing to the green man beeps. Choon! biggrin.gif
Oisi-wan Kemansell
Dancing Mike "Rewind burbulerererb"

[quote=Intergalactopus,Mar 6 2005, 03:29 AM]

"Did you do this?" *puts up index and middle fingers*

Isn't it weird that its called the 'middle finger' when really you only have four fingers, sorry went off subject a bit.
Johny Alpha
Dancing Mike doing his "lord of the dance" in episode 6 wins handsdown for me every time. cool.gif
Oisi-wan Kemansell
"I didn't mean it colin!"

i could watch that bit over and over.
the star wars episode I rant, then cut to a little kid who has no concept of what is going on and runs crying from the shop.

nice one laugh.gif
It's been mentioned before, but I could watch the whole Scrabble scene from Epiphanies over and over, particularly the bit where Daisy tells Tim that "shazam" isn't a word.

"It is a word! I've got a pile of comics *this* big!"

And then he pulls that really petulant face and sticks his Vs up at her. Makes me giggle like a loon every time.
Tim's appearance in the kitchen after he lost his job.
Mike running round the tree after having some cheap speed
tim: "oh my god"
everyone else: "what"
tim: "i've got some fuckin jaffa cakes in my coat pocket!"

i laugh so hard i start crying!

i am new here - good to meet all of you - you have great taste!
QUOTE (digsy @ Mar 7 2005, 07:00 PM)
ESM: - "Watch where your going you idiot!"

Tim: - "Sorry i just know this road really well, and i've never seen an evil suspiscous looking man around here before"

ESM: - "What makes you think i'm evil and suspiscous looking?"

Tim: - "Alright! Just being friendly!"

Cracks me up. the way Tim says it.

perfect in every way!!! can't get any better than that!!! stunning!!! smile.gif
I love the scene where they're gathered together to celebrate Daisy's birthday, featuring the cake typewriter, and they start hurling the cake at each other, specifically Brian's reaction to it, taking pieces of cake and smooshing them up against the sides of his ead, the expression on his face is classic; I agree that he's the best character on the show.
I never get sick of watching Brian bring Marsha's coat in to Daisys room with the cowboy music and the fall at the end, Brilliant!
Also that little smirk Tim gets before explaining the significance of the Death Star gunner to Brian, just because i do stuff like that everytime I answer useless Star Wars questions
I always love watching the last episode, can't help but shed a tear at seeing Brian so happy with his art at last.

Also, 'Brian, you're such a square!'
Dexter eating his chips in the pub with that weired big bloke
"it makes me want to drown things"

I can't help myself but say that - especially at work!
"Hey tim"
"Mike, where are you?"
"hmmmm Sheffield"
"How'd you get to sheffield?"
"Fell asleep on the tube"
"The tube doesn't go to sheffield"
"yea....i must've changed at kings cross"

(still cracks me up writing it)
"war bastard versus metallicock"

"activate!" biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
You shot me in the bollocks Tim.

Hee Hee. Not sure if it's the voice or the word bollocks (always has made me giggle) but it gets me every time.
It has been said many times before but for me its definately:

"Oh my God... I've got some fucking Jaffa Ckaes in my coat pocket"

Also i love the bit in the commentary where Edgar is talking about when he wrote "Edgar sucks cocks" on the wall and he gets so interrupted he can barely get the words out. Bless.
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