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Full Version: Opening Credits
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I was just watching Shaun of the Dead again with my daughter and I happen to see that the guy in the opening credits that is the 4th guy back from the front at the bus stop, looks alot like the guy that is the leader of the thugs that want to get the goods from Tim in Spaced Series 2 Episode 5 "Gone".
Not sure if anyone noticed if it is the same kid or not, but it looks alot like him. I am hanging out with the daughter, so don't have the time to research right now, but am I on the money on this one?

Oh, go on, watch Spaced with your daughter. She'll love it. tongue.gif
Wife Of Rolex
The guy in the bus queue is Tim Chipping and the guy in 'Gone' is Lee Ingleby.

Wife Of Rolex
Spaced is next on the agenda for me and the daughter. She always usually requests SotD before I think of putting spaced on during our time together. As I am typing this I can here her quoting SotD over my shoulders.
I think I will start her on Spaced tommorrow.
Oh and WOR thanks for the answer, to my question! I am getting rounded and paying attention to the daughter, movie, and Spaced Out forum replies is a bit more multi tasking that I am used to in this state.

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