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Full Version: 'June Loves Janet' returns! (Wednesdays)
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Dot Dash
Just seen this on Resonance104.4FM's listings:

Jessica Stevenson and Julia Davis' show is on every week, it seems, starting this evo (April 6th).
kiss my empty bag
wow sounds interesting I never heard the show b4 any good do you know
its on again next wednesday 20th april at 9.30pm. i've been meaning to listen to this since it first came on, this time i will not miss it.
Dot Dash

Sorry, got it wrong. It's actually every Wednesday FORTNIGHT at 9.30pm.
Can't wait for this week's episode! Last one was hilarious.

Kevin Eldon's 15 minute show earlier that evening is brilliant too.

By the way, does anyone know why Spaced-Out keeps disappearing?! The link hardly ever works, which suggests that the website is down a lot.
hmm i never have a problem and i'm on all day usually!

mb its your isp?
Dot Dash
What is an ISP, exactly? Think I need to go to Computer School!
internet service provider ie aol, wannado, bt, tiscali, ntl etc!
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