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  convention 2002 - Camden
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May 2002 saw the second official Spaced Out Convention, or, more accurately, Spaced Out Forum Meet. Over 75 people filled the splendid Camden Tup for a night of drinking and Spaced.
Herein lies the incriminating evidence.
Thanks to the respective photographers for their photos. Photos ©their respective authors.
Omissions on captions corrected on request... :)

    Mary Rebelstar, Simon Pegg and Rebelstar     Flameboy and Chorlton  
    All and sundry (Left Hand Side)     All and sundry (Right Hand Side)  
    Mary, Peter S, Rebelstar     Noodles' Signed Skateboard  
    Rebelstar     Simon Pegg in hat  
    Tiger Marty     Mighty Zim, Kerrie Sakura, Kenickie  
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