Spaced Out Forum Convention

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Downsy Mrs Downsy Noodles Mrs Muswell Hillbilly Mrs Muswell Hillbilly's Sister Chorlton Suz Suz's Sister Tiger Marty Jessica Stevenson OscarDB Simon Pegg PrincessofPower Oh Viking Doctor V Nat Muswell Hillbilly Julia Deakin Mizzie Nick Frost jujuheyhey A1TipTop PubWebMaster HappyDaiz

This site contains the fun, the findings and the photos of the first SpacedOut Forum Convention.
The convention came together after a good few months deliberation in the SpacedOut Forum and once the wheres, whens and hows were sorted, the whole thing was put together, like a magical jigsaw depicting happy faces and fancy dress, by nat. On the 12th of August 2001 all the planning came together and the first SpacedOut Forum Convention was underway.
Included in the site are the answers to A1TipTop's Quiz, a selection of the photos taken and a transcript of the question and answer session

A big thank you to everyone who made the night so rememberable.