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Daisy Steiner « Back

Daisy has decided to grab life by the scruff of the neck and say, "What now?!" With the money earned from her successful foray into professional journalism, together with a hefty subsidy from a generous and no longer living relative, Daisy has hit the road. Her dream of travelling round Asia has become a reality and when we meet her again it is amid the glow of life affirming post adventure euphoria. However, getting back to normality proves slightly more difficult than she had hoped. She returns to find the mundanity she tried so hard to escape, waiting patiently for her at home with a big smile and a cup of tea.

Club Name: Happy Daiz

These descriptions are taken from the Spaced Series 2 press pack. They are probably the best and most in-depth things around, and I don't claim any ownership or copyright of them, and acknowledge that whoever wrote them did a damn good job...
Jessica Stevenson  

Jessica was born at her Lewisham home in 1972 and brought up in Brighton. Her first moment of hilarity was walking into her parents' bedroom aged two with a pair of knickers on her head, a joke she has used ever since. Her interest in writing began at school, writing obscure, unintelligible sci-fi stories.

Jessica spent four years with the National Youth Theatre from 1987-1991. She then appeared in the 1992 Disney film Swing Kids with Frank Whaley and Robert Sean-Leonard, spent two months on an ice-rink filming Peter Greenaway's The Baby of Macon‚ with Julia Ormond and Ralph Fiennes in 1993.

After a brief flirtation with retail, Jessica started writing comedy with Katy Carmichael and began a short stint on the open mike circuit as The Liz Hurleys, with both actresses dressed as Liz Hurley. This led to Jessica co-writing her first film with Katy, a short called Ruby's Room which unfortunately was never made, as Jessica won the role of Alice in the TV nursing drama Staying Alive (1995-1997).

In between the first and second series, Jessica made Six Pairs of Pants with Katy Carmichael and Sally Phillips and became mates with Simon Pegg, also in the show. Then in 1997, Jessica appeared in Paramount's cult show, Asylum, along with Simon Pegg, Julian Barratt, Adam Bloom and Norman Lovett, directed by Edgar Wright.

It was here that Simon and Jessica cemented their comedy alliance and plotted their sitcom revolution. Inspired by Edgar's cinematic style and their diverse creative pasts, they wrote the first episode of Spaced in two weeks. It would be two years before it finally got made as Jessica was busy appearing as next door neighbour Cheryl in the award-winning The Royle Family in 1998, and having her first child.

Since completing the first series of Spaced, Jessica has participated in two more series of the Royle Family, the film Born Romantic, ITV comedy drama Bob and Rose, worked on several projects on Radio 4, as well as co-writing and performing in the new series of Spaced. Jessica continues to work on her own writing projects, developing ideas for film and television. She received the award for 'Best Female Newcomer' at the 1999 ITV Comedy Awards for her performance in Spaced and The Royle Family.

More recently, Jessica has appeared in Ian Rickson's widely-acclaimed version of Jez Butterworth's The Night Heron at the Royal Court Theatre. "Bolla [is] superbly played by Jessica Stevenson..." wrote one reviewer; said another "a soaring performance by Jessica Stevenson gives wings to The Night Heron."
Since then, she has also been signed by New Line Cinema to write, and to star in, a UK/US Family Spy Comedy, Double Au Pair.

She was nominated in 2003 for an Olivier Award for her work in The Night Heron.

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