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The Future...

Despite what certain national newspapers might have said, Series 2 is not the last series of Spaced. There will be a third series of Spaced - we just don't know when.

Meanwhile, Spaced: The Book may find it's way onto shelves before Series 3 (or it may be released in tandem); it promises to contain interviews, scripts, photos and the lost episode that was never filmed. It's tantalising stuff.

Having said this, the team are working on OTHER PROJECTS... »

The End of Spaced
Simon and Jess both say that there is a three-series' max on Spaced. "I'm thirty in February," said Simon in 2000, "I shall have to appear in a BBC1 middle class sitcom instead." How's it going to end? "Well," confides director Edgar Wright, "They are all going to shoot each other dead like in Blake Seven... Maybe with Lasers." (Journalists should note that this comment should not be taken too seriously. Seriously. I'm embarrassed for you. You know who you are...)
The reason for the three-series limit was so it didn't go rotten like many other comedies and it is looking increasingly likely there will only be three series; Simon Pegg, in the August 2002 issue of SFX Magazine, said not only that series 3 would be the last but there would be few specials. But we can live in hope all the same.

Simon on... Spaced: The Movie: "Spaced is very much a TV show. If we put it on the big screen, it wouldn't work so well. We embrace cinematic conventions and apply them to the TV. It's funny to see filmic grandieur on the small screen. On the big screen, it's common place." (March '02)

Simon on... Spaced Merchandise: "I would love there to be more merchandise. We're trying to get some Spaced action figures going. Tim and Daisy have been sculpted. Hang in there0". (March '02)

Video, DVD and Sountrack
See buy spaced.

International Spaced
Spaced recently showed in Finland and has been sold to many European countries including France and Germany. American network Bravo own the series but showings have been erratic. MORE »

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