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The Series 2 DVD was originally due for release in Christmas 2001. However, because Channel 4 changed their repeat schedule for Series 2, the release date for the DVD was changed - this being inextricably linked to that of the repeat of the series.
It was released on 11th March, 2002.
As to the contents of the DVD, they include:

  • Trailers
  • Full Soundtrack on Episodes
  • 19 Deleted Scenes
  • Photos
  • Cast Biogs
  • Raw Footage
  • "Homage-o-meter"
  • Commentaries

In fact - there is so much content that some content - artwork, biogs, background information - would not fit onto the DVD. Expect to see that content on the site soon - including - “The story of how Tyres met Tim. Why Dexter is such a prick. How Duane became evil. How Damien Knox lost the sight in his eye. How Sophie discovered comics and the full history of Bilbo's D & D alter ego. Also, original artwork by Jason Brahill.” (Thanks, Simon).

I've had a lot of queries asking where the Homage-o-Meter is on the DVD. Clearly it's not obvious. Thing to do is this: Press your "Subtitle" button on your DVD player until it selects the second set of subtitles. These are, in fact, the homage-o-meter and details of references will appear on screen at appropriate moments. Good, eh?

Take a look at that interesting Red Button on the Second Page of Daisy's Biog... hmm... interesting...



BORING it's not

From the first "Manhattan" reference, to the Robot Wars sequence, to "I want you back", every true Spaced fan by now knows, or should know, Spaced 2 inside out. Whether it be on fuzzy, low-quality VHS or slightly jumpy DivX, we've all watched it more times than Daisy has had articles rejected.
So, it is with respect akin to that Tim might have for Buffy's bra that I remove my preview copy from its jewel case. No artwork on disk or case - this is a preview copy. Just simple, pure Spaced. Series 2. On DVD. (Way-hey!)


it so does.

Starting from the first moment it appears onscreen, there is no doubt this looks impressive. The menu explodes onto your screen with a press of the play button and with those first, immortal words, playing in the background ("Babylon 5's a big pile of shit") you know this is something special.
Series One on DVD... that was great. But this... this is Series 2.
Menus, all with original Murray/Bramhill artwork face you at every button press. Characters float on and off screen and a cartoon Brian swells like a particularly unpleasant blister. Memorable quotes play at random in the background.
The menus are beautiful, just like the series they represent, of which, of course, all seven episodes are present in glorious colour in their entirety.

Ada's name still isn't spelt right.

But what sets it apart is that immortal word, tucked in the bottom-right of the main menu - "Extras".
Spaced was made for DVD and the extras are why. There's the commentary - informative, funny, entertaining. There's the trailers from TV [with their background music]. There's deleted scenes, outtakes (as funny as ever), raw footage, an extensive photo library. The Biogs are full, updated and funny, and replete with appropriate artwork and information.
There's even a Spaced Easter egg.

As many fans were at the delay in the release of the DVD.

Of all the extras, though, what makes it worth seeing above all else is that Holy Grail of Spaced DVD features - the homage-o-meter. Painstakingly compiled by the show's director Edgar Wright, it details every reference, down to the last fall off a skateboard. It's an anorak's dream; if, like me, you've missed most of them you can copy down patiently from the on-screen captions the names of films to rent the next day from Blockbuster. If you know them all already, you can feel vindicated.
You want more detail? You won't get it here. I've promised to keep at least some of it a surprise and I will - if I say any more it will spoil it and a bit of mystery can only be a good thing.

This DVD is smooth, smart, sharp, sexy and sophisticated. It's Spaced on a stick, it's what Spaced was made for and if you're a Spaced fan you'll want it.
If you aren't - you soon will be.

It's available in the shops, in the UK at least, now.

You saw it here first, folks.

@totallySpaced »




June 15, 2002: SPACED'S WRIGHT IS TO appear in a new... er, educational... comedy series.


Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.