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Even the most shallow surfer (I would hope) cannot fail to notice Spaced Out's most pertinent defining characteristic; in that it seems to have a lot of content, news, information, guides etc that a "normal" fansite would have.
The fact is, Spaced Out isn't normal. Although run by fans (hence a fansite) it is also supported by the Spaced crew, Simon, Edgar, Nira and the rest and so really is more than that.
The site was created on or about 26, November, 1998, and since then has grown exponentially; at last count the site itself is over 250mb in size and the Spaced Out development folder over 2 gigabytes.
The site is very busy, though the precise number of visitors varies on a monthly basis. It puts through about 2.5 million hits, 300,000-350,000 page hits and many, many gigabytes a month. That's a fair amount, especially for a price that is strictly nonprofit.
The site is strictly an amateur effort and is run by myself, Nick Lee, along with the many others who grease the wheels. They are mostly namechecked on other part of the site, and I won't list them here for fear of missing people out. But there are plenty of people out there, and the site wouldn't be what it is without the support of fans.
While, on occassions, the comprehensability, design and speed of the site might be suspect (I have had complaints on all three fronts), the site is primarily a portal for Spaced information for fans. It tries to be accessible, usable, personable, informative; and, on the whole, I feel it succeeds. People wouldn't come back day after day otherwise.
For me, the site has become a major part of my daily routine since it is so much work; I would not like to estimate the development time on it since it would probably seem... well, scary. I receive a projected 1000 attachments a year and around 45,000 projected messages annually. While some of these are personal, most of these are site or Spaced-related queries, and this will give you an idea of the amount of work it takes.
Having said this, I am happy to answer any queries you have and I will answer them, even if it might take me a short while.
All that I ask is that emails are basically gramatically correct, any comments are constructive. I encourage criticism, but a comment saying "your site is shite" is not really helpful. Is it?
There are various other things that annoy me with email. Don't start "Dear Sir", don't forget to sign off with your name.
The site, apart from being an information source, grew one side I never forecasted; the community; there are 100s upon 100s members of our various communities in total, including a very busy forum, and a hectic mailing list. Both are where the leading Spaced community people are to be found. As a rule, I have not the time to keep a close eye on the communities so instead they are run by a trusted few. These communities are a fantastic opportunity to speak to other Spaced, scifi, comedy fans (and, dare I say it, Geeks), as well as ask Spaced queries, let the cast know what you think... and so on. It's a rather long list.

Enjoy the site, and thanks for surfing. I really appreciate it.

Nick Lee
25 April 2001

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.