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Marsha Klein « Back

Not much has changed about Marsha Klein, the beloved matriarch of 23 Meteor Street. Never bereft of a Lambert and Butler and a glass of red, she presides over her tenants like a doting parent, while her real daughter wreaks havoc in the rooms above. Obviously the mother role doesn't extend to Brian, as only a few months ago they were locked in a bizarre marriage of sexual convenience. Housing benefit and the arrival of Twist has put paid to that, much to Marsha's narrow-eyed chagrin. Perhaps most importantly, Marsha is still blissfully unaware that Daisy and Tim, the professional couple downstairs are no such thing. The most recent arrivals at Chez Klein are in fact leading Marsha on in order to secure the flat. But, as relationships grow closer and our heroes become careless, how long before Marsha discovers the truth and it all goes to hell?

Club Name: er... she didn't go...

These descriptions are taken from the Spaced Series 2 press pack. They are probably the best and most in-depth things around, and I don't claim any ownership or copyright of them, and acknowledge that whoever wrote them did a damn good job...
Julia Deakin  

With a fine TV pedigree, Julia was thrilled to reach her cult sex-goddess status as Alan Partridge's chocolate-covered consort, Gill. There, she had the huge pleasure of working with Simon Pegg, with whom she skipped off to do Big Train and, of course, Spaced. TV includes school drama Hope and Glory with Lenny Henry, David Croft's Oh, Doctor Beeching! and Roy Clarke's Spark, Holby City and the BBC Christmas drama Sleeper. Film credits include Brenda in Martin Clunes' Staggered, Berni in Willy Russell's Dancin' Thru The Dark , Melanie in Lord Puttnam's Mr Love and most recently Stephen Frears Liam.

Julia's theatre work includes Oliver!, Educating Rita, Pride and Prejudice and On The Piste.

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