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Twist Morgan « Back

Twist is a rock, buffeted by those with whom she chooses to associate. Little has changed about her since last we cringed at her lack of tact. Apart from the fact that she now has a boyfriend as an accessory. Infinitely incompatible, she rationalises her animal attraction to Brian by dominating him in every way. Yet she may have done too good a job: Brian's interest in all things carnal may ultimately leave little room for shopping and socialising in the number of self consciously cool bars which she keeps listed in her Prada handbag.

Club Name: Twist O'Lemon

These descriptions are taken from the Spaced Series 2 press pack. They are probably the best and most in-depth things around, and I don't claim any ownership or copyright of them, and acknowledge that whoever wrote them did a damn good job...
Katy Carmichael  
After leaving Bristol University, where Simon Pegg was a fellow student, Katy's first venture into professional entertainment was Judy's Punch, a puppet show "with a twist". Since then her TV credits include playing regular scally copper in Liverpool 1 and roles in And The Beat Goes On, the Galton and Simpson series with Paul Merton, Wing and a Prayer, Karaoke and Bread.

Katy has trodden the boards of the Bristol Old Vic and Royal Exchange theatres, played opposite Stephen Berkoff in Storm and Drang and Brighton Beach Scumbag. She's been booed off a pub stage in the ground-breaking double act, The Liz Hurleys, with life-long friend Jessica Stevenson.

Last year Katy starred in her first film, Dead Babies, based on the novel written by Martin Amis and has recently been seen in One Foot in The Grave, the second series of Liverpool 1 and the period drama The Infinite World of HG Wells.

She is currently Granada soap in Coronation Street as Lucy Jenkins.

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