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Nick Frost and Simon Pegg joined Channel 4 and their ever-perceptive chat eds, as well as an army of fans, on 2nd February 2001 to discuss Spaced 1 and the upcoming Spaced 2.
Questions and Answers is a concise version of the chat- with questions asked and answers.

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» Transcript


badlydrawngirl : ...will there be any new characters?

Simon Pegg : The new series starts on 23rd Feb - 3 weeks away and it kicks bottom!
Simon Pegg : Yes, there are new characters and a few old ones too.

Claire Armstrong : Is Tim's beard making an appearance in the second series?

Simon Pegg : Tim's beard is a very important aspect of Tim as much as Mike's moustache is of him and Brian's lower beard is of him.

Nick Frost : Hmm you've covered all kinds of facial hair possibilities there mate.
Simon Pegg : Thanks very much. Nick hates his moustache though he has to spend 6 weeks of looking like a pornstar! and the other 10 months and 2 weeks being one!
Nick Frost : Whip it up furball!

Rob : Are any of the characters in spaced based on real people?

Nick Frost : Rob - yes Mike is based on a couple of people I know, one is a friend called Flea who is mad on weapons and stuff and Russia and another is Jon an ex-security guard who also likes guns a bit too much. But for their military love they are both lovely blokes.
Simon Pegg : The characters most based in reality are Tim and David. Mainly David.
Nick Frost laughs

Derek and Clive : I usually can't get through an episode of spaced without having a personality crisis, cringing and screaming ' thats me! that's me!!!!!!'. SPOT ON. :-)

Claire Armstrong : ...What is your favourite kids toy?

Simon Pegg : ...Mine is probably action figures.
Nick Frost : Mine was also the action figure. Then your imagination is your boundary of play

ultimatedruid : Do you cry at the end of The Return of the Jedi?

Simon Pegg : Yes! I also cried at the end of the Phantom Menace for different reasons - cos it was rubbish!

Cujo : Got any celeb cameo's for the next series?

Simon Pegg : Yes we have members of the League of Gentlemen, Olivia Williams from the Sixth Sense and the Bluetones are in it too!

Phil : Do you do your own stunts?

Simon Pegg : Well, there's a man called Rob in the first series that dived out of the window for me but Edgar likes us to do our own stunts.
Nick Frost : I had some good trampette work where I was flown through the air.
Simon Pegg : Nick and myself and some others had a days stunt and combat training for the new series.
Simon Pegg : You just gotta bite the bullet and do the stunt man.

Djsteeley : What happens if you get scared half to death - twice?

Simon Pegg : Nick nearly got shot in the head by the police.
Nick Frost : Yeah, props gave me a machine gun to practice dismantling and a woman saw it sticking out of my bag and called the police. As I was trying to put it back together eight armed police stormed into my house and said PUT THE GUN DOWN! I wee'd myself.


...ON THIS WEBSITE (sorry, couldn't help myself)
Lucy : Didn't you hand over control of your website to fans? That's really cool. Do you surf much?
frenchy1978 : do you often use the internet, if so, what for?

Simon Pegg : We found a fan site run by Nick Lee which was so brilliantly constructed and spot on that we e-mail him with all our news and gossip and let him run it. It's as near to official as you can get and he does it better than we could hope. We salute him.. I look for images of people's knees
Nick Frost : I look for tide times,

Blueski : How many film references do you try to get into every episode?

Simon Pegg : We don't set out with a quota... it tends to be more organic than that. In the new series the references tend to work for the plot and characters more rather than being the extra thing, but we don't say let's put ten in this one.

Simon Pegg : I completed Resident Evil 2 (disc 1) on the set of Spaced cos I was sat there for so long playing it.

insomnia : Does the shopping trolley outside the flat stay in the next series ?
steve : please ask them why the trolley is there its doing my head in

Nick Frost laughs
Simon Pegg : That's Edgar's little thing and it does remain there for the entire second series...

MrMonkey : The trolley has to stay!

Nick Frost : Haven't you got one outside your house?
Simon Pegg : If not, why not?

scooter : long live the trolley!!!!

Mik : Will there be nipples (female) in the next series?

Simon Pegg : Erm...NO. You need to get out more!

penski : will there be hairy man-boobs?

Nick Frost laughs
Nick Frost : YES! Several. Lots in fact.

hulahoop : hooray

Simon Pegg : All the men have their man-boobs visible.
Nick Frost : We have a whole kind of Robot Wars thing - it;s like a whole hairy man-boob extravaganza! It's like EpiLady never happened!

HootMcToot : Are the deleted scenes on the DVD any good or are they pants as deleted scenes tend to be? (hence they got deleted)

Simon Pegg : They're very interesting - they're pretty good - cut mainly for time reasons [including] a funny scene where Tim meets Agent Sculley from the X-Files which we did with a lookalike, but it didn't really work.

danH : was there any sexual tension on the set of spaced?

Simon Pegg : I constantly wanted to have sex with Nick.
Nick Frost : I always want to make a bonk with Simon.

Moog : did you manage it ?

Simon Pegg : And I had a torrid affair with Ada.

Will : is THAT a deleted scene?

Simon Pegg : We live with each other anyway and we've never crept into each other's room's, only to read big books
Nick Frost : in the mornings... I can't tell where Simon ends and I begin
Simon Pegg bursts out laughing

I couldn't think of : have u guys got any new projects in the pipeline?

Simon Pegg : Well... Nick and myself are about to start work on a new sitcom, I won't tell you what it's about, we're writing it together starring mainly Nick. I will be writing and a possible cameo.
Nick Frost : I wouldn't expect another Spaced as you can't really surpass genius of that calibre.
Simon Pegg : Ohhhh!

I couldn't think of for not even trying and Hoot McToot for sounding like a character in a low-grade porn flick.

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.