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About Spaced: Interviews: Jess (Official)
20th May 2000
The Music

Interview with Jessica Stevenson , Daisy in Spaced and co-writer of series. Interview by Morgan, 31/1/2000.

Morgan: A lot of women identify with Daisy, but she seems to be the antithesis of the Bridget Jones-type characters that feature in other sitcoms with single female characters. Do you agree and was it your intention to make Daisy so unique?
Jess: I absolutely intended to make Daisy different. The key to her is that she doesn't question her motives, something which can hinder living. I wanted to write a character who was a bit of everything, who couldn't easily define herself let alone be defined.

M: Where did you get the initial ideas for the characters and who came up with which?
J: I used to live below a woman and her daughter who reminded me of me and my mum, but who were even more at each others throats, so Marsha and Amber are based on them. Brian was based on a comedian we know, but also on an assortment of artists and roll-up smokers that used to sit round my mums
kitchen table, and university friends of Simon. He is my favorite, I think I would enjoy never being expected to make any sense. Tim and Daisy are like alot of people we know, I love the idea of grown men on skateboards and Simon is one. Daisy is a bit like alot of women I know, brilliant, talented, just misunderstood, you know? Mike and Twist are the distillation of our masculine and feminine sides. I love Daisy and Twist's relationship, they
are drawn to each other but neither one really knows why.

M: Do you ever indulge in a bit of Playstation yourself?
J: I certainly do, although not much recently, I am going to treat myself to Urban Chaos and waste some early hours soon.

M: What is the onset atmosphere like when you are filming Spaced?
J: Manic and magic.

M: Is the music in Spaced the kind of thing that you would listen to in your 'leisure time'?
J: Yep definitely, especially Prefab Sprout- 'Hot-dog Jumpin' frog almond cookies..'

M: Have you ever had a nightmarish housesharing/flatsharing experience?
J: When I first moved to London I stayed in a flat where my bedroom was also the front room, in theory I thought the idea of going to sleep behind the sofa while everyone watched telly was thrilling and grown-up, infact I nearly lost my mind.

M: What is the most common thing that people say to you when you get recognised on the street?
J: OOooh are you that girl off the Royle Family?

M: Now that you have won the Comedy Newcomer (Cucumber) Award, does this mean that your future lies in comedy and not serious drama?
J: Who knows what the future holds? I like a bit of drama but I love comedy, we'll just have to see.

M: What occupation would you now be doing if you hadn't made it as excellent comedy actress/writer?
J: Stripper or teacher. Teaching stripping would be ideal.

M: Cheryl was absent from the Christmas episode of The Royale Family, and it worried us all, will she be back in the next series?
J: Yes she will.

M: If you could choose anyone to guest star in Spaced, who would it be?
J: Kevin Spacey as my serial killing dad.

M: We would all like to see Marsha get herself a nice toyboy (suggests of who could fill this role from Spaced Out list members have varied from Johnny Vaughn to David Bowie), hypothetically who would you most like to see wooing Marsha?
J: Dave Bowie definitely, she's probably had him anyway.

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.