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About Spaced: Interviews: Simon (Official)
20th May 2000
The Music
Interview with Simon Pegg, Tim in Spaced and co-writer of series. Interview by Morgan, 5/1/2000.

Morgan: When Tim and Daisy finally kiss or whatever will the fact you and Jess are such good mates help or hinder the performance?
Simon: I'm sure kissing Jess will be no bother (IF it happens). It might be a bit like snogging my sister but a) I'm an actor, b) She's a honey and c) It's not illegal like sister snogging - not that I would if it was... yeuch, what am I saying?!

M: Will you put a "Monkey Magic" reference in Spaced? I asked you in the chat but I think either you or Jess or whoever was on the keyboard at the time misunderstood my request, perhaps thinking I meant either a primate ot a member of the comic "Pleasant Valley Sunday" 1960s Band!!
S: I think we must have missed the Monkey question on chat day, the screen was scrolling at extreme speed. Yes, I have thought about a monkey reference for S2. There will certainly be some kung fu.

M: Did you really write the epsiode synopses' on the C4 Spaced website? They are really funny. You should read the C4 Forum on Spaced - most amusing indeed!
S: The Epsiode Guides and Synopses on the C4 website were written mainly by me and Edgar Wright. We just couldn't let the show go, even when it had been completed and handed in to C4. When you create something so personal, that comes from the heart, giving it to a TV company is like watching your child go off on his/her first day at school. The Episode guides were our way of staying close to it. That sounds so sad.

M: Which character do you and Jessica enjoy writing most? I still like Marsha best, I think it's because of the pathos and that she is not as self-aware as the others - well I know what I mean.
S: I enjoy writing Mike, Jess likes writing Marsha we both love writing Brian. Hell we love 'em all.

M: Which comics (as in Stand up, not Batman and the like) have influenced you most?
S: I was influenced a lot by the comic strip people when I was younger, before I got into professional comedy. Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson and the gang but I'd also go back as far as the Pythons and as recent as Mr Coogan. I love Vic and Bob's stuff, particularly Big Night Out. Chris Morris is a considerable force in comedy, intelligent, uncomprimising and a nice man to boot. As far as stand ups go, Bill Bailey, Michael (Tyres) Smiley, Sean Lock, Dylan Moran...loads. I guess that's down to what I like, as far as influence on Spaced goes, I'd have to say The Simpsons, Northern Exposure, The X-Files and just about every fim comitted to celuloid in the latter half of the 20th century. I think That covers it.

M: Which new comic talent do you rate the most?
S: I think Sacha Baron Cohen has done great work this year, he has truly come from nowhere and made a huge impact. Peter Kay is doing some very funny character stuff. Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding aka The Mighty Boosh are tearing up the live circuit at the moment. It's only a matter of time before they break on TV. I've only just arrived at this party and already I feel old. Damn those youngsters and their antics.

M: What job would you be doing if you hadn't made it as a comedian/actor/writer?

S: If I hadn't done this, I would probably have got into special make up F/X. It was going to be either/or when I was a kid, it's just that the urge to perform exeeded the urge to make monsters...just. [Nice to see you didn't use the "I wouldn't be doing anything" cop-out -- Ed]

M: Have you got a Dreamcast? or are you loyal to Playstation? Did you get any free Playstation offers after plugging it so frequently on Spaced?

S: I do have a Dreamcast but Tim isn't going to get one. He's a struggling graphic artist, it took him long enough to save for his PlayStation. I love them both. Obviously the Dreamcast is newer and the PlayStation gets jelous on occasion but if I give him a cuddle and a few hours of Tomb Raider 4, he settles down.

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