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About Spaced: The Music: Episode Seven
20th May 2000
The Music

from the album ‘FAR IN’
1999 Fruition

Accompanying the opening credits is another nifty tune from Fuzz Townsend’s album.

TEO USUELLI 'Piacere Sequence'
from the album ‘BEAT AT CINECITTA Vol 1’
1997 Crippled Dick Hot Wax

When Tim goes to the cafe and imagines his meeting with the icy Sarah, we hear this excellent, ‘slinky little number’. Again it is from an obscure Italian sex-thriller, this one called ‘AMUCK’. Don’t look for in the video shops, it will not be there.

from the album ‘VERTIGO’
1999 Pepper Records

Straight after this scene, we goes back to the flat as Daisy, Twist & Brian discuss the Sarah problem. On the radio in the background, eagle-eared viewers will hear Groove Armada’s ‘Chicago’ an acid-jazzy track from their Vertigo album; which critics agree is this years ‘Moon Safari’. Last years ‘Moon Safari’ was ‘Moon Safari’. The year before that I don’t know.

from the compilation ‘SUSHI 4004’
1998 Bungalow

This great track is the soundtrack to both Tim & Brian’s ‘happy walks’; when they skip down the street waving and heading footballs. It’s from a great compilation of Japanese dance music on the Bungalow label. There is also an earlier volume entitled ‘SUSHI 3003’. So now you know.

HIGH LLAMAS ‘Mini-Management’
from the mini-album ‘LOLLO ROSSO’
1998 V2

Another swoonsome number from the High Llamas remix album. This underscores the scene in the art gallery foyer, when Brian asks Twist out. Sweet isn’t it?

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Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.