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This page last updated:
Episode Guide: Series One: Official: Episode Three
29th May
What's New

Daisy's world is rocked by the prospect of employment, when she receives notification of a job interview for a writing position on a fashionable magazine. Brian's world is shaken when a bizarre figure from his theatrical past reappears and invites him to view a piece of his performance art. Tim's world is plagued by the living dead.

Your guide to the geekier points of interest in Spaced, episode three:

00mins 00secs The T.V. left on as a homage to countless horror movies, particularly 'Poltergeist'.
00mins 10secs The poster behind Tim, when he jumps up with the gun is the English publicity poster for 'Evil Dead 2'.
00mins 30secs This scene is replete with salutes to video games and movies alike. The point of the scene is of course, that Tim is lost in the game 'Resident Evil 2' but the real inspiration for both this scene and the 'Resident Evil' series, are George A. Romero's seminal zombie trilogy. 'Night of the living Dead', Dawn of the Dead' and Day of the Dead'. Here are a few other details you may have missed. The gun point of view shot is familiar to both the popular video game 'Doom' and the film 'Evil Dead'. Tim's line 'Come get some', was uttered by Bruce Cambell during the alternative ending to Sam Raimi's 'Army of darkness', the third instalment in the Evil Dead trilogy. God, this is sad.
01mins 13secs The music which underscores the titles first scene is from 'Resident Evil 2'.
02mins 19secs The man listening to Daisy and Tim's conversation supposed to be Gene Hackman as Harry Call, from the classic 1974 Coppola film, 'The Conversation'.
5mins 06secs The design for Vulva's look was inspired by the late performance artist Leigh Bowery.
07mins 52secs Daisy's paranoia attack echoes Norman Bates, creepy stuffed bird filled quarters in 'Psycho'.
09mins 04secs Brian's mirror rehearsal owes a little to DeNiro's 'are you talking to me?' scene in 'Taxi Driver'.
Part Two
14mins 02secs Brian's 'conceptual' hand gesture is taken from Paul Verhoeven's hilarious comedy, 'Showgirls'. Daisy and Tim repeat it later on.
14mins 28secs Brian's light switch flicking and the crumpled invitation in the foreground is actually a little nod to Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction'.
27mins 21secs Did you notice that one of the audience members at Daisy's performance is the shopkeeper from the earlier newsagents scene. If so 10 points, if not, you can also have 10 points.

Set Texts:

The Conversation 1974
Night of the Living Dead 1969
Dawn of the Dead 1979
Day of the Dead 1985
Evil Dead 1982
Evil Dead 2 1987
Army of Darkness: The Medieval Dead 1992
Poltergeist 1982
Taxi Driver 1976
Psycho 1960
Showgirls 1995
Fatal Attraction 1987

Suggested Listening :

Theme of Luxury Fantastic Plastic Machine
Smash it. Fuzz Townsend
Homespun Rerun High Llamas remixed by Cornelius
Rodney Yates David Holmes

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