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This page last updated:
Episode Guide: Series One: Official: Episode Four
29th May
What's New

Daisy receives some bad news from her boyfriend and decides to brighten her life with the purchase of a dog. Tim meanwhile has a date with destiny, as he and Mike go paint-balling and meet up with Tim's arch enemy, Duane Benzie, the man who stole his girlfriend. In the heat of battle, friendships are tested, scores are settled and lives are changed forever.

Here it is, Episode Four, meticulously deconstructed into components of reference, so as to remove all fun from actually viewing the show. Enjoy.

05mins 29secs The spooky faces that appear over Daisy's shoulders are inspired by the subliminal demon face in The Exorcist, which was subsequently ripped off by Sam Raimi in Evil Dead 2, then by us x2, so we win.
07mins 21secs The music underscoring little Tim's pursuit by dogs, is of course the hit Seventies cartoon Rhubarb and Custard, the title sequence of which fearured the eponymous Rhubarb running towards the camera. Sweet memories of tea time.
10mins 03secs The dog's home music comes from the hugely underrated animal based kid's show, Heads and Tails. Derek Griffiths, we are not worthy.
10mins 37secs More kid's show music as little Daisy drags here beloved box across the street, this time it's Animal Magic, that stirs the embers of childhood nostalgia and possible zoophillia.
11mins 10secs Mike's 'tool up' sequence is a homage to just about every 'tool up' sequence ever. Take your pick from Commando, Predator, Aliens etc. The line 'Groovy' is guessed it Evil Dead 2, uttered by the also hugely underrated Bruce Campbell.
11mins 56secs The line 'We put them down, all of them' was taken from The Phantom Menace trailer, 'Wipe them out, all of them', when we were all very excited about the new Star Wars film and didn't realise what a bone crushing disappointment it was to be. Summer was so full of promise and yet the creeping hand of disillusionment was soon to clasp its icy fingers around our hearts and reveal to us that George just doesn't have a clue. It still hurts.
14mins 17secs The flashback sequence music is an instrumental version of the theme tune to top rated tea time porn show 'Baywatch'.
Part Two
18mins 24sec When Tim sees arch villan Duane through the trees it's like that bit in that warcom Platoon innit? In the whole latter part of the show is a homage to every single buddy war movie and Hong Kong gunfest ever.
24mins 56secs Mike's storm warning is the last exchange of dialogue in Jim Cameron's robot-time-travel-caper The Terminator
25mins 51secs Look sharp in Tim's bedroom for the poster of outdated computer epic Tron.

Suggested Viewing:

EVIL DEAD 2 (1987)
TRON (1982)

Not Suggested Viewing:

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Suggested Listening :


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