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18th October
What's New

The morning after the move and the dust is settling. After the tidying up, Daisy decides that for bonding purposes (and to avoid any more work than is absolutely necessary) that Tim and her should hold a housewarming party. Brian comes along from downstairs, Mike and Twist show up to provide support (and security) for their friends and Marsha drops in to say 'helloooo'. And to avoid the carnage that Marsha's daughter, Amber, is creating upstairs…

Part One
Waking up with Gillian Anderson plastic arse on his face, Tim explores his new kingdom only to find that Sarah is still going out with him and what's more, she's cooking him in breakfast. Just as settles into this idea, his big green monster suit attacks him and drags him to some unknown horror in his bedroom. Screaming, he awakes to find that, in reality, his new home is, as he left it last night, sans Sarah and very much in need of a spring clean.

Daisy has decided to start on some writing but can't get anything done. She blames this on the chaos that surrounds her, the unpacked remnants of their former lives. Tim has unpacked though (his room is a shining example to any new homeowner) and is now busily doing some posters for Bilbo, the guy who we works for. Still with writer's block, Daisy suggests she draws up a rota for cleaning the shared areas of the apartment. In a two-minute frenzy, she does… well, not a lot really, before passing out, slumping over her QWERTY. But Tim has a suggestion and, nine and a half minutes later, they're lying flat on their backs, sweating and tired. All that tension's been relieved… they've unpacked all their stuff…

But, even after that effort, Daisy can't shift the block. It all seems like despair until it hits her. They should have a housewarming party! Tim isn't impressed at first, but, as the new cutting edge of North London, it just has to be done. He agrees on the condition that Daisy's room is used as the coatroom for the duration. And will, he asks, they have to keep up the ruse of their relationship with the same momentum? Do they need to hold hands in the hall or make sexnoise at night…?

So, preparations are made, phones rung and tinfoil unwound. Marsha is invited, although she explains that Amber is having a few friends over herself and Brian is coerced at the prospect of 'girls being there' (although he isn't sure how much Tim knows about 'the deal'). However, other guests are not forthcoming. Tripods and skateboarding have wiped out most of Tim's mates, but Daisy has managed to rustle up some media types. Well, the paper - boy. Smooooooth. Anyway, Tim has managed to collar Mike into coming along (with his Glock 17) and, likewise, Daisy with Twist. Daisy is about to get changed when Richard calls her up. As she's explaining what's going on that night, Tim begins to make sexnoise on the couch, just as a bit of fun…

Part Two
It's party time in number twenty-three; Brian has already arrived and is studying what he describes as a tribute to Christo, the artist. Tim, perhaps more accurately, describes it as a waste of Baco, the foil, but nonetheless, Daisy's efforts are magnificently… silver. Finally dressed to kill, she jumps out and begins to whip up the mood with a party warm up tape. Del Amitri blasts from the stereo but fails to capture the imagination. Desperate for a good start, Daisy takes Brian over to the freezer to get some ice. While they're exploring whether Cal 900 is truly self aware, the doorbell goes.

It's Mike, who's brought a land mine as a house - gift. But in front of him, are two other potential guests in the shape of nubile young ladies. Tim's hopes are high, but they're after Amber's party upstairs. Although they have missed the puppet show…
Back inside, Daisy is introduced to Tim's nearest and dearest and subsequently, Daisy acts as a catalyst between the meeting of Brian and the TA's finest. A beautiful meeting of artist, writer and… Mike. Suddenly, in this meeting of minds, the door goes again and Twist has arrived. She wants to put her wrap somewhere and Tim accidentally implies that Daisy and he aren't sharing a room. Brian picks up on this and asks why they're not together. Panic forces them to lie on the hoof and Tim tells him that Daisy snores like a pig, the lies get bigger until Daisy breaks them with the truth "We're not a couple". Tim is far from impressed but, he too concedes defeat on this one and they beg for him not to tell…

Marsha, who is now at the door. Thankfully, she hasn't heard any of this, so all remains well. For now. After it's established that she's pretty much on time, she asks where she's to put her coat. Again, panic falls over Tim and Daisy's faces until Brian comes to the rescue.
"Don't worry," he declares, "I'll put it in Tim and Daisy's room…"
His beautiful gesture however, is soon destroyed by his ineptitude at walking through doors. Daisy introduces Marsha to the other guests, the now in place door security, Mike and the lovely Twist who, in one small sentence, totally destroys Marsha's ensemble for the evening.

As Tim feverishly adds to his cartoon portfolio, Twist and Daisy discuss organic produce. As Marsha is coming onto Brian, Twist starts up a conversation with the artist and a connection is made. Finally someone understands him. But, just as things are about to get deep, Twist hears the unmistakable first lines of 'The Timewarp'…

Disgusted at the playing of boil in the bag perversion at his own party, Tim runs from the scene with Mike following closely behind. In the hall they fight a bit and reminisce before Mike suggest that they just go upstairs and crash Amber's party, even though it is only gonna be full of young girls…

A few hours pass and Daisy is copping off with the paperboy whilst Twist and Brian are awkwardly sitting on the couch with Marsha draped across the latter's lap. Suddenly a buzzing Tim and spaced Mike come charging back into the flat. Amber's shindig is apparently just beginning to burn and, after a little persuasion, the whole gang leave the paperboy in the dangerous company of their semi conscious landlady.

Finally, donning sunglasses, Tim and Mike lead the rest up the stairs into dancing oblivion…

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.