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Episode Guides: Series One: Unofficial: e4
18th October
Episode Guide

Daisy's boyfriend, the Hull - based Richard, has finally dumped her and, whilst crying on Marsha's Chianti - sodden shoulder, she pleads for permission to get a dog. Tim isn't impressed when he hears the news as he's scarred on the canine front but grudgingly agrees. So, Daisy and Twist go to the Kennels and rescue the little bearded schnauzer urchin, Colin. Meanwhile, Mike and Tim are at the Elimination paintball, where they run into Tim's nemesis, one Duane Benzie…

Part One
We open on a slack jawed Richard, mid phone conversation, all the way up there in Hull. He can't believe it. Daisy is dumping him! Well, it's just not fair on him. She's got a new job writing for the Guardian's new pop music column… But, it's down to reality with a bump as we realise that Richard is really dumping Daisy and tearfully, she begins to accept that she's been mercilessly chucked.

Walking, still sobbing, back into the lounge, Daisy tells Tim that her relationship is no more. Tim says it isn't a surprise as she's been getting off with other people but asks why it actually happened. Daisy replies that it's because she's been getting off with other people, she'd told Richard, mainly as Tim had suggested it would firm up her relationship. Cackling maniacally, Tim tells her that he didn't mean it and that it's own petty vengeance against women kind (or cheating harpies, whichever you prefer).
In all the excitement Tim jumps out of the window using the armchair as a springboard. Or not. In reality, he just apologises for his psychological indiscretion and asks if Daisy's alright. She is and Tim is soon playing on his Playstation…

Daisy goes to seek solace in the company of others and tries Brian's flat. Although the door's open, no one is in and she leaves for Marsha's. As she exits the room however, we see that Brian was there all along, an installation of his own work, disguised as a painting by the door. His sinister laugh is cut short, however, when he realises he is stuck…
Climbing the last few stairs to Marsha's flat, Daisy hears an argument between the landlady and Amber who runs past Daisy at a rate of knots. When Marsha notices Daisy who is clearly still down, she invites her back inside for a splash of Riocca.

Cutting back to Tim, we see Brian come in, still caked in paint. He asks to borrow a teabag. Tim refuses although he says he can have a teabag if he wants one. As he did last episode, Brian notices that Tim is playing a game. Tim explains that it's Tomb Raider 3, although he appears to have added a new drowning twist to the play… Brian asks what sort of mood he's in and Tim explains that he got a letter from his ex today. It was full of "you'll always be special and I'll always love you platitudes" although it obviously hasn't helped and has really just added to the destruction of Tim's "faith in every thing good and pure". Tim finally notices at this point that Brian is smeared in oils, he feels he should say something…
"You've got some paint on you…"
But, Brian explains that it's a literal tribute to the self-reflexivity of Rembrandt. Tim asks whether he liked it and when Brian explains that he's dead…
"Wow, that really backfired…."

Zooming back to Marsha and Daisy, the latter is explaining that she's split up with her boyfriend, not realising that she's dropped herself in it with. Her mind searches for a way out of this predicament, the voices at first mocking her but then telling to ask Marsha if it's ok that her and Tim get a plate… um, a dog… Because… umm... it would help them stay together, a bit like a child. Only not… Marsha agrees and Daisy is suddenly all smiles again…

Tim is on the phone to Mike, organising their upcoming paintball experience. Mike's ban six-month ban (for doing something to an accountant) has finally finished and it's time to rumble once more… Daisy comes in and announces the canine news to Tim who is suddenly flushed with panic. He explains why, with the help of a groovy flashback, he is so frightened of dogs. And lightning. And bamboo…
But, Daisy presents a sterling case and says that, she will look after it, feed it even clean it's little hutch. She even says that, if Tim still, after all that, doesn't like it, that they can kill it. So what can he do but grudgingly agree?

Skipping off to the Dogs Home, Daisy, accompanied by sour faced and seemingly allergic Twist, go in search of a new friend. In the pound office, the owner asks whether Daisy has really thought this through and has any previous experience of owning a dog. After a little thought, Daisy still wants to go ahead with it and so she is lead to where the inmates are kept.

Meanwhile, at the Elimination Paintball arena, Tim and Mike prepare for the conflict ahead of them. Tim pleads with Mike to remain sensible reminding him not to eat the paintballs and that this isn't 'war' it's merely an exercise to promote teamwork and tactics. Mike, however, isn't worried, he's too busy tooling up with knives, camouflage and weapons too notice…

Back in the home, Daisy has seen the perfect pet, a cute little miniature schnauzer with big, brown, cow eyes. She asks about him and the pound owner says that he won't be with them for much longer. Asking where he's going, she's told 'heaven' and they don't mean the gay club…
In a fit of emotion, Daisy takes the dog and runs from the pound. She christens him Colin, for that was the name of the pet box she had as a kid…

Part Two
As Tim and Mike continue to get ready for the event, Tim notices his archenemy, Duane Benzie on the phone in front of him. His voice brings memories back to him; their seemingly one sided friendship and how Duane had stabbed Tim in the back over Sarah. Duane comes over and says that the events were nothing personal and you can't help who you fall in love with, when you get that feeling it's like, sexual healing…
In a twist of irony, Duane Mike and Tim are on the same team, 'B', for the game, which is just about to start…

Back in number 23, Daisy is busy fussing over Colin's little furry head. Whilst her back is turned, Brian comes in and accidentally sits on him. In the sudden realisation, Brian counts to three before getting back up…

Tim and Mike are dashing through the woods with the rest of their team. They and one other member, the 36-year-old 'son', end up holed up in a wooden shed. As Mike describes his previous times in combat, the 'son' gets shot. The assassin is Duane, the bullet obviously meant for Tim…

Although perhaps a little squatter, Colin is ok. Daisy makes Brian apologise in a special voice. Brain then explains the tale of his own dog, pom-pom, who exploded under the wheel of an articulated lorry. He shows Daisy the last photo he has of him. Such vibrant colours…

Planning their next move, Tim and Mike argue over Mike's insensitivity over Tim's feelings. Mike accuses Tim of only hanging out with him because of what happened when they were kids. During the resulting flashback, Mike runs off to god knows where, leaving Tim alone…

Once again with Colin, Marsha has now joined the admirers. She tells Daisy that Colin has 'needs' and should be treated accordingly. Daisy says she knows this and he's not just a novelty toy. Brian on the other hand, has found a new subject and, complete with Elizabethan ruff, is getting Colin to dance. Dance! DANCE!

As Tim searches for Mike, Duane creeps up on him. Only the shrill tone of Duane's mobile alerts Tim to his presence and they face off with each other, guns aimed firmly at each other's foreheads. Mr Benzie suggests that firing the guns this close is dangerous and they should both take 20 paces before venting their mutual anger. Tim agrees but Duane cheats and has Tim in his sights. But, his gun has run out of gas and so Tim has the chance for revenge but his gun, too, is out of gas. As Duane refills his canister and slags off Tim's now pathetic life, Mike runs into the picture and takes the pellet for Tim whilst simultaneously, throwing him two guns. Now it's really payback time. And with both guns trained on Duane's groin, Tim fires. The victory is short lived however as Mike is 'fatally' injured and 'dies' in Tim's arms.

Back to reality and the pair walk out of the games with a new spring in their step. Seeing Duane being carted off in an ambulance must've helped. Mike pauses and says that a storm is coming. Oh how prophetic he is…

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.