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Episode Guides: Series One: Unofficial: e6
18th October
Episode Guide

Tyres, Tim's comic courier, is introduced to Daisy. He invites them out for a 'large one' and lends them the money too (top man!). Mike is chucked out of the Rough Ramblers when he overfills his backpack and damages his canoe. To cheer him up, Tim and Daisy suggest that he joins them and Twist for Tyre's night out. Brian is also asked and only reluctantly comes along as it presents a better lifestyle choice than a night in with Marsha. At the club, everyone gets bitten by the groove monster and, who's that leading the pace from the podium…?

Part One
1983. A new romantic Brian is in a night-club and 'Come On Eileen' is reaching it's feverish crescendo. Those around him are stomping and yelling but Brian still looks awkward and out of place. As the song climaxes, he tries to join in but inadvertently spills the pint of the bloke next to him. The result is a smack in the chops that sends Brian out of his nightmare and into the grim realities of midmorning in the present day.

Tim is on the phone to Mike who is using combat comm.'s whilst on manoeuvres with the rough Ramblers. Tim suggests that, at this time on a Sunday, Mike should be in watching classic Grange Hill. Mike'd rather be in Apocalypse Now. As Tim puts the phone down, the doorbell goes but Daisy tells him to stop because Danny Kendall is about to be found dead in Bronson's car. As the credits roll, Tim opens the door to find Tyres, Tim's cartoon courier.

Tyres has come 'round on his way back from a club to pick up the twenty quid he's owed. Tim introduces Daisy to deflect away from the economic subject and Tyres asks if they're hand… oh, a couple. The two of them laugh, clearly embarrassed by the statement. Daisy offers to make a brew but Tyres only want water. The phone goes again and this induces Tyres to start jazzing his thing to the beats around him. This muzak is broken when Tim answers the phone. It's Mike again, he's had an accident at Rough Ramblers and is coming 'round to the flat. Tyres says that he saw Mike on CrimeWatch the other night and Tim says that two weeks ago it mistaken identity, but two months ago… a different story. The flatmates ask Tyres what last night was like and he waxes lyrical about how amazing it was. At this point Tyres shows both sides of his persona due to the mood swings he suffers as a side effect of his drug hobby. Anyway, Tyres, having forgotten about the money owed to him, offers to lend more to Tim and Daisy so they come out that night. They accept and on his way out, Tyres says he'll be along at eleven to pick them up

In the park, Tim and Daisy are out walking Colin. They discuss the night ahead and who they're going to ask. Twist'll come, but they can hardly see Brian throwing shapes in the church of dance, despite the fashion guru's presence. When they return, Tim asks Brian who, after his previous flashback, obviously declines, even though he is, all too clearly for Tim's liking, interested in being with Twist. When Tim returns to the flat, he joins Daisy in listening to the hullabaloo going on upstairs between Amber and Marsha. Almost as soon as Amber has fled the building, Marsha is at the door after solace. Daisy tries to help but gets sucked into another generation gap argument and she herself storms off in a huff.

Part Two
Mike returns to the flat after his accident at Rough Ramblers. He explains to Tim that he used fifteen rocks in his rucksack rather than the regulation five and that when he did an Eskimo roll he nearly drowned and damaged his canoe. Subsequently, he had to be saved by the Ramblers leader who then chucked him out of the society. Tim consoles him and tells him that he pities any fool who doesn't appreciate Mike. During their touching hug, Twist arrives and goes upstairs.

While they're all chilling in the flat, Daisy suggests that they should all go out tonight. Mike isn't too keen until Daisy suggests that they all dress up and go out as 'an army'. Mike is sold and soon he is looking pretty in pink, one of Daisy's tops to be precise. Tim wants his mate to come out but disapproves of the girls trying to dress him up like a big cock.

Whilst they are waiting for Tyres to show up, Brian comes up and asks to use their video. Daisy asks whether it's as a new piece of cultural art, but Brian only wants to make sure he catches Ready Steady Cook…
When Tyres finally arrives, he and all the others try to convince Brian to come with them to no avail until Marsha comes into the flat and highlights the appalling prospect of a night alone… with her. Needless to say, Brian is soon, with all the others, at the club.

Once in the club, Daisy gets lumbered with putting the coats into the cloakroom. Meanwhile Tim, Mike and Tyres take to the dance floor, collecting their candy on the way… Twist and Brian hang back at the bar and discuss the music. As the beat goes on, the group, in their various situations, get bitten by the groove monster and are rechristened accordingly. Brian's nightmares are easing and soon he too is in the thick of it although he manages again to spill some blokes drink. Luckily all is well and the guy just hugs him.

While this is all going on, Tim and Daisy are on a chill out sofa, discussing how successful they're gonna be and how they will, even after all that success, still be living together with there own club. The tender moment is broken when a mashed Tyres comes up and pulls them both back onto the dance floor to where Twist and Brian are still shaking their stuff. They ask where Mike is and tyres shows them. And so Mike leads the dance from the podium to the block rocking A Team beat.
As they all get down in time to Mike's antics, Tyres slips off, his work done, into smoky oblivion… until he comes back coughing and spluttering. We leave the gang back at home, sometime later, still captured by the mojo, semiconscious but grooving. Only Mike remains upright and his remix leads us out...

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.