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Episode Guides: Series One: Unofficial: e7
18th October
Episode Guide

Tim's Ex, Sarah, calls him up to arrange a meeting. Tim thinks it could signal reconciliation, Daisy thinks trouble could be in store. This difference in opinion leads to friction and fighting, all of which isn't helped by Mike's re-evaluation for the TA. Brian asks Twist to come to the art gallery and see some white paintings and the writing bug bites Daisy. Mike also has good news when he is allowed back into the Bank Holiday Grunts. Finally, in a moment of clarity, Tim sees the light, declines Sarah's offer of a new relationship and stays in the flat with Daisy. And so, the two dance the night away…

Part One
Tim and Daisy are watching a skateboarding vid in the flat it's full of accidents that lead to sympathetic ooh's and ahh's from the pair. As they watch on in addicted horror, the phone goes. Tim answers it and it's his ex, Sarah, asking to meet him in the café later that day. Tim thinks it could be good news but Daisy suggests that maybe she wants the stereo back… or maybe she's getting married… or maybe, just maybe… she's pregnant…

Once the screaming has stopped, Tim starts to get ready to go out and Daisy starts to ask him what the attraction of skateboarding is. This winds Tim up as she's not normally interested and says that it's childish, which always pisses him off 'cause it's not! On his way out, Daisy reminds Tim that he promised to take her out to the cinema to see anime classic Akira. Tim says he can replicate the experience by watching it on video and sitting near the screen.

Tim arrives at the café a little early and looks through the window, imagining what is going to be said. He sees Sarah tell him that she's split up with Duane to which Tim just asks what it's got to do with him. Daddy Cool. In mid thoughts however, Sarah creeps up on him and makes him smash his head on the front glass. When he tries to maintain his cool by opening the door he just hits himself in the face…

Brian and Twist are at the kitchen table, listening to Daisy bemoan Tim's stupidity at meeting up with Sarah. She says that Sarah is only going to look really good and say that she's 'really confused'. Twist admits that she sees her ex's. Likewise, Brian discloses that he sees his, well... watches. Brian invites Twist out to a gallery to see Tunde Arungundade's White Painting's exhibition. She wants to go but is wearing highly impractical (for any occasion) shoes. Brian says he will come back later to see if she's changed her… shoes. Daisy twigs that Brian asked Twist out and ribs her about it.

As Tim and Sarah sit at the table, Sarah tells Tim, word for word as before, that she has left Duane. However, rather than keep his cool, Tim spits out his tea all over the place and ends up literally dancing in the street, body popping all the way home. Daisy asks how things went, Tim tells her 'pretty good' in a leading way… And so Daisy asks what happened. IT transpires that Sarah is really confused and that Tim thinks she wants him back. Tim and Sarah have arranged another meeting later that night at the Bell to talk at length.

Tim adds that he's got a funny feeling that Sarah is going to ask him to move back in with her. Alarms ring in Daisy's head, although that is just the new doorbell Tim installed as a surprise. After a brief sojourn into phrases (where Tim falls over the perennial Cher hurdle), Daisy suggests that Sarah might just ask him back and them dump him again. Alarms fill Tim's head this time. The doorbell again, Tim answers it and it's Mike, come for Tim to take him to his TA re evaluation. Daisy however is more concerned over Tim's naivety and tries to convince him he could be falsely building his own hopes up.

Tim says that not to worry and that he doesn't want to move out from the flat, he only wants to move back into Sarah's. When it's clear she doesn't approve, Tim adds that it's his dream to be back Sarah and that he doesn't stomp on Daisy's dream of going to Asia to see the Taj Mahal. Daisy replies saying that the difference is the Taj Mahal didn't have an affair behind her back.
Tim asks Mike what Daisy's problem is. He thinks that maybe she doesn't want to see her friend get hurt. Tim calls Mike a big ape and they leave for the TA…

At the TA, Tim wishes Mike good luck for his interview. He also apologises again for what happened all those years ago. As kids, Mike and Tim were sitting in a tree, Tim jumped down safely and cajoled Mike into doing likewise. However, when Mike hit the deck, his retinas detached meaning he could never get into the proper army. So now we know…

Once inside, Mike is trying to psyche himself up. Although he's trying to tell himself that he's Andy McNab, he's really telling himself he's Andie McDowell. In front of similarly spectacled officers, Mike is asked to explain why he was suspended from the Half - Term Heroes. Mike goes onto explain in detail that due to his retreat into his own mind, he ended up stealing a tank whilst on manoeuvres in France. He then tried to storm Paris and was only captured when he stopped at Space Mountain in Euro Disney. Mike goes further and explains that he had, previously, become insular and uncommunicative. When asked why, Mike can only shrug.

Back at the flat, Brian and Twist are about to set off to the gallery. Daisy has lent Twist some suitable (although eye damaging) trainers so that she can walk properly. Twist asks if Daisy wants to come along too but, before she can fully answer, the art lovers are gone. As they leave the sanctuary of number 23, Marsha's curtains are twitching…

Part Two
Daisy is relaxing in the flat and playing Tekken on Tim's Playstation. She loses quite dramatically, despite her best efforts. Tim comes out from his room and says he's about to pick up Mike from the TA. Daisy asks what time Tim is meeting Sarah tonight which pisses Tim off. He accuses Daisy of always being on his back like Salacious Crumb. In the resulting 'war of words', Tim and Daisy duel it out. Tim accuses Daisy of being slack (and liking ASWAD) but Daisy wins the contest by highlighting Tim's gullible nature when it comes to Sarah.

Daisy, still angry, brings her dusty typewriter out and is about to start work when Marsha arrives. Marsha pours Daisy out a drop of Vino Collapso and offers some sympathy to the argument that Tim and Daisy just had. It was, after all, ever so loud…
Marsha asks what is going on between Brian and 'Twit' and isn't overly enamoured with the news. Daisy curious about what is going on between her and Bri, finally asks…

Meanwhile, at the re evaluation centre, the officers are inkspot-testing Mike. He sees guns, guts, guts and guns and butterfly… with a bomb. In a final test, Mike is thrown a knife and asked how he feels. The smile tells it all and he's back in. Tim meets him and the good news is shared…

Marsha explains how that, frightened he would be evicted, Brian came up and begged so he could say. After a couple of bottles of plonk, they were soon 'getting it on' or, as Marsha more eloquently puts it, she was 'riding him like a bitch from hell'. Daisy is a little taken back and Marsha adds that she isn't sure how interested Brian is in women…
At the art gallery Brian and Twist are admiring the pieces. They both really seem to appreciate what's laid out in front of them…

Back in the flat, Daisy asks if she'll get chucked out if Tim leaves. Marsha says not to worry as she likes her and hopes she never leaves. Those words stick in Daisy's ears and she sees herself, old and wrinkly, still bogling away in her bedroom. This is enough to shock into writing. She asks the drunken Marsha to leave and she takes the typewriter into the bedroom where she begins to type like a demon…

Brian gives Twist a postcard of her favourite white painting and, asks her out to see Roman Deschamps Insect Faecal Matter exhibition and maybe a drink later. To his surprise, Twist agrees and Brian, captured by a similar joy that found Tim earlier, dances all the way home. Only difference is Brian has no rhythm…

Tim is waiting in the pub for Sarah. He keeps looking around every time the door goes. To pass the time he is writing a poem about the situation. Just as he is about to finish, Sarah comes up to the table. They exchange hair 'compliments' and begin to discuss what happens next. Meanwhile, Daisy has worked so hard she's run out of paper. She searches for the flat for some and this leads her to discover Tim's violent cartoons of revenge. She is visibly distressed until she sees that his final picture, subtitled 'happiness' is of him, her and Colin in a warm embrace. With that, the phone goes and Tim is on the other end, asking her to come out for a drink. She agrees (once she knows Sarah's gone) and her and Colin arrive soon after…

Once she's sat down, she tells Tim that she's been writing; Winter Skin Care - Do's and Don'ts, Sex and Food, the Modern Woman's addiction and Bogling, is it the new tango?

Tim is impressed and goes on to say that he and Sarah won't be getting back together. Daisy offers sympathy but there's no need as Tim rejected Sarah this time. He says that he had a moment of clarity and uses onanism as his analogy. Daisy agrees that loves is a load of old wank. Tim asks Daisy to dance to the jazz that's just fired up behind them. As they shuffle their way into the groove, we visit the other characters at that moment. Amber is finally looking after a comatose Marsha, Brian is finding joy and light in the darkest of subjects, Twist reminisces on her day with Brian and Mike lets loose on the shooting range. So, that's it, there is resolution sometimes in life, and Daisy and Tim dance into the night…

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.