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Episode Guide: Series Two: Extras' Diary: Lucy
24th August
Episode Guides

I went to the filming on the 21st, 22nd and 29th August for scenes in episode's 5 & 6. I'm here to tell you everything that went on (well all except the actual scenes- you didn't think I'd tell you that, did you?!) Firstly, I'd like to thank Simon, Jess, Nira Park (for all of the arranging and talking on the phone) and the whole cast and crew for being so nice to us. Even at the end of the 29th when everyone was exhausted, they were really nice and kept our spirits up!

We arrived for our first days of filming, on the 21st and 22nd. It's not going to be much of a surprise to everyone that I was petrified. Spaced is my favourite programme ever and to be able to go on the day when the entire cast were going to be there is a very daunting thought! Actually, it still is! We arrived to the door of the Costa Dorado Restaurant, where we were greeted with a form, confirming we did not mind being on camara (how could anyone resist?!) We entered the restaurant, to see groups of people round tables and found a table at the end of the room. It was a small restaurant, with a bar, stage and approximately 15 tables or so. Being very small and dark, when the camara crew arrived, we were quickly ushered out of the building, so that they could set up the lighting. This is when I met Jay and Morgan off of the list (hello!) and shortly afterwards watched the cast (Jess, Simon, Mark, Katie, Julia, Nick & new member Lucy Ackhurst) arrive. Amazingly, Simon recognised me from the '99p Challenge' which did help to calm my nerves a little. Luckily, the table we had first chosen was right next to the main table, so hopefully we may have been in the background in the scene. I must admit, I have no idea how the cast manage to film the whole series. It is strange seeing every scene repeated time after time, from different angles, in different directions and on each of the individual cast. For this reason, it is going to be fantastic to see it when it is shown on TV next year! Their patience and enthusiasm is amazing! Now, I'm not allowed to tell you exactly, what happened, but lets just say there was a lot of cake involved! The scene is going to be hilarious on TV! I think over the 2 days we were there from morning to night, about 7 minutes were filmed! The first day was slow and very boring but the second day was fantastic and by the time we left, I would have really loved to have gone back. Never at the time, did I believe, it would happen!

On the second day, I managed to talk briefly to Jess and Nick and to Simon on the pavement and on set. Being a restaurant scene, we managed to make a few glasses of grape juice (you didn't think it was wine, did you?!), a piece of french stick and chocolate mouse last. I think there must have been about 30 extras on set (list members and paid professional actors- easily spotted as they take everything in their stride and look relaxed!) I asked Simon on the second day, if we could take some pictures, and everyone gathered into some group shots (which are in the multimedia section- thanks to Nick) and also some single pics with the cast. At 7.30pm on Tuesday, it was all over and everyone went down the pub (unfortunately I missed out!)

Last Sunday- 27th Aug, I was talking to Nick on icq (cheers Nick) and he mentioned that I might be able to go if I phoned up Nira Park (producer) and asked. So, I cancelled my driving lesson, and arranged to go up on Tuesday 29th and meet Dan, Sian and Nick there. After a long train journey and various underground probs- we arrived- (yay!) This time, the cast was Simon, Jess and Peter Serafinowicz (Duane Benzie) and Nick Frost came along. The destination this time, was the Barfly (The Monarch) pub by Chalk Farm Rd. This time, I managed to talk to loads of the list members (Nick, Sian, Dan, Miranda and everyone else) and have a great time. For lunch, we went over the road, to Sainsbury's car park and get lots of photos (soon, to be on the website, if Nick's not too busy with his?) When we came back, we stood outside for a while (ay? What's that Dan?!) and went back in at about 7pm. This time, lucky for us (!) we were placed right in front of the camara (yay) and should be seen! By this time, we were all pretty exhausted, especially Simon (glad to help with the lager!) but it was definately the best part of the day.

Well, that's pretty much my review of the three days. Thanks to Nick Lee for making all of this become reality. If it wasn't for your site, none of this could have happened. Thanks again to Simon and Jess for being so friendly and not minding all of the photo taking and to everyone I met over the three days - keep in contact!

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.