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Episode Guide: Series Two: Extras' Diary: Morgan
4th September
Episode Guides

21 August 2000
Day 1:
After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting for it to happen we arrived at the Costa Dorada restaurant and waited some more. Somehow we made it down from Hull and York respectively - and thanks must go to Christine Jarvis and Simon Storey for getting us there - and here we were waiting to meet our heroes.

Suddenly they all appeared. I saw Jessica first. She looked gorgeous and totally un-Daisy like. Not to suggest that Daisy isn't gorgeous in her own way but you'll understand from the photographs. Then we saw Nick Frost in his combat gear and we were afraid. Mr Pegg came around the corner and immediately started shaking hands with everyone and saying 'Hello, I'm Simon Pegg' as if we didn't know! Christine thought it would be hilarious to ask Simon to ask Nick to say 'hello liddle ladeeee' to me (it will be forever his albatross), which he did, and okay I admit it was quite funny. We all had a good laugh at what Katy Carmichael was wearing, particularly the shoes. Then Jessica introduced me to the new cast member Lucy Akhurst and she told us stuff about her character and that she'd just bought a dog. Grrrrrr.

Time passed we did a bit of filming, how I've always wanted to say that! Kathryn and myself are at the bar as Tim and Sophie arrive and then we are escorted to our tables. Not difficult to do, except that the waiter, and he knows who he is, kept making us laugh. Simon warned us not to drink too much grape juice following on from the grape juice and Twiglets incident mentioned on the Spaced Out site (-said he can now only eat 50 Twiglets a day).
We were told, by one of the women going around with a powder puff, that we looked 'great'. She either meant it or it was an excuse not to have to make us up. I'm going with the latter theory although Kathryn is very proud of this in a 'our-mum's-can-never-ever-accuse-us-of-looking-scruffy-again' way so I thought I'd leave it in.

The scene was pivotal. To be honest we were gobsmacked the first time we saw it. I haven't told anyone what happened even when I've been plied with vodka. But it did make us love Marsha even more (I can feel an appreciation society in the works...).
During the various breaks in the day the cast were really friendly and made an effort to talk to us. Simon and Nick did their now famous Big Brother impressions to amuse us, and I was accused of not only being 'dog-ist' but being responsible for the tornado and snow that had invaded Hull during my absence.

We ate lunch in a bus. Not your usual road side café fair either. Well not like the one's up North anyway. All of the extra's including the paid professionals were really nice (except perhaps those that tried to obtain our phone numbers, leave that one for Kathryn to explain!) and some even offered us accommodation for the night if we didn't make the train home the following evening.

22nd August 2000
Day 2:

We had to get there even earlier on the 2nd day. I thought I might pass out due to sleep depravation (the previous evening we'd watched the best bits of 'Eldorado' on vid, which you'd think wouldn't be very long.). Still hadn't managed to get any photographs so that was top of the agenda.
Kathryn and myself were pig sick of staring at each other. Sitting facing each other in a restaurant the whole day only speaking in whispers almost destroyed our friendship, but we ended up just arsing about, miming songs to each other and swearing in hushed voices. Lunch was good again, the lady serving asked me if I'd actually been to bed, I'm presuming this was because we were all wearing the same clothes as yesterday and not a personal attack about the ever growing bags under my eyes.
Finally we all got our photographs. Simon invited the list members to the pub. Nick, Simon, Mark and Edgar joined us in the pub. Mr Pegg paid for all the drinks too. They all signed lots of autographs and with each new beverage gave away far too many plot-lines including what happens to the Spaced characters in 20 years time. We also met Amber's legs! It was all very surreal. Then they had to go home to watch Big Brother, the fellas not the legs, and so said goodbye.
We were left stunned, wondering what had just happened (or if it had all really just happened!) and worrying about how we would get home having missed our train and not knowing where to stay for the night...but they another story.

Kathryn and Morgan would like to thank the following people:
Christine Jarvis, Simon Storey, Simon Pegg for many reasons, between us we owe you three a lot of alcohol, Jessica for bulldogging on our photographs (oh yes!) and being an all round sweetheart, the rest of the cast including Nick Frost, the lady in the cow print skirt and that bloke for being such a little charmer! Oh and of course Nick Lee.

Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.