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This page last updated:
Episode Guide: Series Two: Wishlist
29th May
Series Two Wishlist...
All these ideas were contributed my visitors and members of the public... so don't blame me if they sound a bit... well, odd.
Top 13 ideas
1 Tim and Daisy get it together
Consensus is this would ruin the series. But hey, we can dream...
2 Mike takes to wearing yet more bright pink garments with him army uniform. And an ankle chain.
You'd be amazed how many requests there are for this as well. I just can't help but feel sorry for Nick Frost...
3 Daisy walking down the street, tripping and falling over, and as she hits the ground the entire top half of her body breaks open, revealing a cat inside her, working a load of levers and buttons. Then the cat goes "Curses! Foiled again!" and the bottom half of what was Daisy runs off, to, er, Hawaii, or something.
4 Another Visit to a Club/Cinema/Anywhere, and the Spaced Out Mailing List appear as extras.
No prizes for guessing where this idea came from.
5 The Comic Shop Manager (Bill Bailey) chatting up Daisy
...or not...
6 Johnny Vaughn to pop round as Marsha's new love interest.
No, he'd probably go off with the dog again...
7 John Shuttleworth should become Marsha's love interest.
He could write a song about her, and then disappear into the night when the song becomes England's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.
8 A David Bowie lookeylikey keeps showing up at the house, visiting Marsha.
The others laugh about it and keep playing Bowie records, but Marsha doesn't understand the hint and can't see any resemblance. Hilarity ensues when Marsha and her new boyfriend both walk into Tim and Daisy's flat and simultaneously say: "Hellooooow!"
9 An X-Files Kiss.
Imagine the scene, Tim + Daiz about to finally kiss and then 'OUCH'- Daiz gets bitten by a bee, or Colin or something. It all add's to sexual tension!
10 Comic book art could start invading their world.
Considering the cartoons Tim makes, this could be quite scary.
11 They should have a night at the cinema and go through all the things that can go wrong when you see a film - Mobile phones going off at crucial moments, Twist + Brian start snogging, someone noisily eating crisps etc.
Or not. The point of Spaced is that it is entertaining.
12 Tim should take Daiz to a Science Fiction Convention.
Then she could have a fling with a klingon or something.They could get Dave Prowse (who was Darth Vader) to be in it, lets be honest, Dave Prowse would attend the opening of an envelope! And in return Daisy takes Tim to a typewriter factory...
13 A Pub episode.
That could be quite different from the clubbing ep, they could argue and bang on about the boring and the bizarre for the entire episode. Yes. We can really see that working. Not.

Episode Ideas

1 Marsha
Marsha to get a handsome toyboy who almost immediately moves in with her but he is not all he seems and has great plans to turn the flats into apartments for his yuppie friends and throw all the old tennants out. Of course his attempts are thwarted with hilarious results - naturally.
2 Mike
Mike should definitely hit the dating scene and discover that the only 'women' he attracts are transvestites leading to much discussion about his sexuality and his failure with women and his possible attraction to Tim
3 Daisy
Daisy should get a job on a top fashion magazine and think that her dream is about to be realised but soon discovers to her dismay that most of the women who work on those mags are anorexic cocaine addicts who set the feminist movement back by about 150 years (well it's true, innit??) She convinces herself that she can communicate on this level of shallowness but she is wrong...
4 Tim
Tim should be attacked by a group of twelve year old skateboarders who accuse him of cutting in on their turf. Mike and Tim should then have to hatch a plan to get their own back on the skateboarders with...of course...hilarious results!!!! [NB - This sounds suspiciously like a certain episode of King of the Hill -Ed]
5 Brian
Brian should be duped into letting an advertising executive use one of his paintings in a Benneton-style advert, thus leading to short lived fame, much to Twist's delight but causing Brian much angst (well more than usual anyway).

Series Finale (and other stuff)
Contributed by Cooray Saliya

1 Series Finale
Marsha gets increasingly annoyed with Twist and Brian's canoodling. Tension in the flat develops when Marsha bans all smoking except for her own. Tim plots rebellion, but can do nothing- until a masked Mike comes to visit and drops something in Tim's wash-basket and says 'Salaam Aleikum'. Tim looks and sees a loaded gun (a Baretta). The riot actually starts when Colin drinks some of Marsha's Rioja and vomits over a game of scrabble. The riot starts in chaos 'What's happening?' asks Amber 'Our worst nightmare' replies Marsha. In Em City, Colin is setting off a fire extinguisher. Brian blocks off the gate into Em City with furniture. Twist starts a bonfire with the bedding. At the CO Station, Tim fires the gun given to him by Mike in the air. All of the inmates stop what they're doing. He shouts 'Now let's get organized!' (The inmates cheer.) The SORT team is called in. Fade to black.
2 Fluidism
Brian rebels against the tyranny of solid art and invents 'Fluidism'- a school of art that reflects the malleable and ever changing nature of existence. He makes his first work, inspired by a famous prog-rock band: 'Pink Fluid' (sorry). Unfortunately, he lacks the materials to contain his fluid work, and so, in despeation he asks Tim for 3 condoms, which, he feels, will contain the work whilst giving the work the freedom it needs to fulfil the dicta of 'Fluidism'. Tim is, unsurprisingly, curious and follows Brian down and he sees the incomplete opus. Tim asks if he needs help and Brian agrees. Now Brian is slaving away and Tim is rushing around buying as many condoms as he possibly can. Mike has, however, been press ganged into getting the raw material for the fluid. Daisy has returned from a disastrous trip from Hull is shocked by Tim and Brian's condom appetites. Marsha too is shocked, but in a less concerned way, and tells Twist of the bisexual love triangle she is living in. The three of them burst open Brian's door. The light is off, but they see a quivering heap of writhing chaos. Turning on the light they see the full horror of Pink-fluid- it is full of tadpoles. Three weeks later, the flat is full of newts.
3 Jam vs. Spaced
On second thoughts, above is more 'Jam' than 'Spaced'- how about a crossover?


Copyright © Nick Lee 1999-2002.
Spaced is © Channel 4 Television.